Monday, September 24, 2007

Stussy Sale and More 09/29


La Sierra High School 4145 La Sierra Ave. Riverside, CA

Saturday, September 29th


Sponsored by: Engineering and Technology Club
• Visa and Mastercard Accepted
• Info: 760.945.0097

Depending on what you're looking for, these sales aren't too bad. Don't believe that you have to get their early to get all the good stuff. True, there might be some hidden gems here and there, but there's definitely something for everyone. Not to mention, most items are at wholesale prices. In the past, I've been able to find some tees that most people throw to side including Stussy collabo tees with Complete Finesse, Neighborhood, and NEXUS7. The workers there know what's up, so when you head to the cash register to purchase, those tees may be a bit more expensive than the rest. This would be a good time for you to start your Christmas shopping early. Also, you'll be helping out an engineering and technology club. HA!

Go Ninja, go Ninja, GO!

Paul Frank Industries is having a video contest on youtube where you can be a "ninja Star!" They're looking for ninja videos less than 2 minutes and are judging based on creativity, humor, entertainment value, skill level, and editing. for more rules check the Paul Frank Industries Youtube site at

The ONE winner (there can only be one ninja star!) will receive the very stealthy black Paul Frank City Bike and a Paul Frank Ninja Fleece sweatshirt complete with ninja hood!

The "Be A Ninja Star Contest" starts today and ends on November 5, 2007, so start flippin' out!

For those in need of some crazy ninja action NOW (and like me can't wait for their upcoming ninja hoodie), there is a pretty awesome T-Shirt they have available called Bad Ninja:

Ninjas are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Heroes Season Two Day!

[photo courtesy of heroes myspace page]
Countdown to Heroes begins...

(though my personal countdown began the minute after the season finale of season one...)

To blow some time,

I've been visiting the Corinthian Hotel and Casino website.
[photo courtesy of the corinthian]

You know, the hotel and casino in Las Vegas that is ran/owned by the Linderman Group?

You don't need to sleep with Nathan or Jessica to get in. You too may be eligible to join their exlusive "Titan Club." Play their online casino games -- Slots, Poker, and Blackjack-- to earn points. This exclusive club is given cool perks such as discounts, special room rates, and free happy hour apetizers! Hmm...but they don't say how many points you need...

[click on the below pic to take you directly to your game of choice]

So let me know when you get in the club. Can I bum off some vip perks off ya?? ;)

There is SO much to do on the Heroes site. Stay tuned and I'll tell you other cool things I think you should check out. HAPPY HEROES SEASON TWO DAY!


Thank Goodness it's (almost) MONDAY!

Something to be excited about after sad televison today:
Season Two of Heroes starts tomorrow at 9pm!

I can go on and on on all the different theories and show you spoilers out there, but I want to watch each eposide fresh and be in the middle of the excitement as it occurs. I'm even hesitant to watch the season two trailer...

I'm sure RETSIRHC's pals, Adrian & Liz, are excited!
Check out their NBC Video here or by clicking on the photo below.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Let's go to Italy!

Andiamo all'Italia!

Why? Because Madge says so.

and so I can pick up the following:

*as reported here

*in ode to my fave dj/selecta

Congrats Simone and krew on your Milan Opening!

[store photos courtesy of tokidoki]

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Keep Company Fall 2007

Keep Company has just announced that their Fall 2007 collection is available for sale on their website. On the real, even though these shoes are for women, I'd definitely size up and rock some of their models. The Nuss, Guerra, and Ramos specifically. Peep it.

Hello Blind-o

[photo courtesy of urban outfitters]
I'm a sucker for blind boxes lately. I have yet to find this in a blind box. ;) Anyhoo, on a recent trip to SF, I picked up two Hello Kitty Blind boxes at Urban Outfitters. These 3" vinyl cuties come in 12 designs, including a mystery chase the looks of the doodle on the box...a possible Batz Maru figure???
Again, you can't really go wrong with's Hello Kitty and all the prints are cute! I didn't get the ones I wanted, but I soooo love them anyway...fool proof I tell ya!
Here are my goods:
Ice Cream Hello Kitty

and the mystery/chase figure, Bling Batz Maru!
[dont 'cha love the "XO" bootie mark in the ultra hot Rosewood Standard typeface???]

Monday, September 17, 2007

Murakami and Mr for SUPREME

In coincidence with the previous Murakami post, Supreme has just announced its collaboration skate deck with the artist.

Also joining in this effort, is Murakami's assistant, Mr ("Mister"). Mr's works are often of cute, cartoony characters portrayed in a sexual manner which is supposed to represent the Lolita-esque culture that so happens to fascinate some readers of Japanese comics.

(Images: Supreme)

Each artist has designed three decks and will be available at both Supreme store-fronts in the U.S. and at four Supreme stores in Japan. Also, the decks will hit Supreme's online store which opens September 20th after 11am EST. That's 2pm for us westcoast cats.

Some one help me out with the Tera Patrick tee. Heather grey preferably - size Meeeds.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kami-Robo in Roppongi Hills

This past August, Yasui san exhibited about 30 of his Kami-Robo at the Roppongi Hills Art & Design Museum shop. Once Comic-Con ended, Yasui san took the red eye out back to Japan to set this up.

Enna was able to snap some pictures of the display and was once again so kind to send these over to me. THANK YOU, ENNA! Okee Dorkee exclusives, ya'll!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Takashi Murakami for Roppongi Hills Art & Design Shop

Takashi Murakami (you probably know him through his colorful monogram work for Louis Vuitton or most recently, his cover art work for Mr. West's new album) did the image character designs for the Roppongi Hills Art and Design Store. Only available at the shop include various items of these characters in the form of plush toys, pins, and everything else cutesy.




(Images via MAC MUSEUM SHOP)

Thursday, September 13, 2007 Web Store Opening

Just when I thought opened its internet doors, I thought the web store would be all ready to go. If you roamed around their site, you would know that I was wrong. Boo hoo.

However, the NBHD site opens its web store TODAY.

The web store currently stocks two web exclusive tees.

(Images via

Vog Tee (Long Sleeve) 7350 Yen ~ $64.31

Vog Tee (Short Sleeve) 6300 Yen ~ $55.13

The yen to dollar exchange rate is relatively weak right now so it's a good time for those overseas purchases. Most Japanese retailers DO NOT ship internationally. Shoot me an e-mail if you need a proxy to make purchases and ship em out to you. I know some pretty good ones that have better rates than some of the web based proxies out there.

Have a good day, folks. Don't suck.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ben wants a rematch

[get them bens! l to r: Black, Road White, Retro. photo courtesy of upperdeck.]

After their preseason defeat, Ben wants to battle Brett.
Okay, so I'm spreading rumors. Well, it could your home.

Have an All Star Vinyl rematch! Upper Deck will be releasing their Ben Roethlisberger figure to the public this Thursday at 9:07 am pt.

More drops to look forward to...
September 26 - Martin Brodeur

October 3 -Tom Brady
Reggie Bush
Carmelo Anthony

LaDainian Tomlinson
ShaQ O'Neal [uh oh Kob...]

Brian Urlacher
Steve Nash
Henrik Lunqvist

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Talk to the hand!

A jacket with snap-on puppets. Brilliant!
You're a one man (freak) show.
Chat with Clancy and Julius (above) or
(below) Aku the Alligator and Toothbrush (his pink birdy pal)

oh the fun...

[photos courtesy of pfi]

Monday, September 10, 2007


hello okee dorkee-teers,

We are doing a tad of updates to the blog in the next couple of weeks...

*We'll de adding more to our "Dork Favorites" list. Check out our pals and say hello =) They're a swell bunch.

*Check out a new section, "Dork Drops" on the right column.
This section will keep you informed and updated with anything and everything coming out! Some were mentioned on the blog, some are just random news we thought you'd be interested in.

Got drops? spread

thanks yo.

Fergie for Kipling

Yes, another celebrity bag line.
And So? We gals don't mind. Us girls can't get enough of bags/purses/totes/ yay!
But really, Miss Fergie's line is looking kinda cute and has something for every type of gal.

The Nice Scout line is for the nature gal with an edge. Fergie-esque camo print, mesh and leather detailing, bronze hues are smoking hot for this fall. This line will be out sometime this month.

The Naughty Scout line is for the Fergalicious chica mamaz. Hot pink lip prints, gunmetal, and stud hardware give this teaser some edge. MEOW! This line is coming out in October 2007.

The Dutchess line, set to release in November 2007, was inspired by the plaid outfit Fergie wore while prefroming in the 2006 Billboard Music Awards. Bold pink, preppy plaid, and a silhouette tasel print is perfect for any prissy princess, but throw in that goth yet chic black, and gollie, you know this prissy princess wears that crown proud and with a bite! SO loving this line! =)

What type of gal are you?
I'm for team Dutchess. =P

[fergie for kipling photo and purse photos courtesy of kipling. billboard music awards photo courtesy of rolling stone]

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Yo football fans --

Don't 'cha get hungry after the game?
Well, imma head over to Burger King and get me a Kids Meal.

You manly enough to get a Kids Meal?
Hey, drop that pride and say it with dignity,
"Hey lady, i wanna kids meal puh-puh-puhleeasee?"
and you'll SCORE (stupid pun intended) huge mini!

BK is featuring NFL Mini Jerseys in their Kids Meal.
Each NFL team is represented and each Mini Jerseys comes with three different options to display your pride:

Suction Cup:

Paper Stand:


LT's jersey would look so fab on Hello Kitty Barbie! Hope it fits...

Thanks to ER!K for the hot tip!

[photos courtesy of Burger King]

Friday, September 7, 2007

Men are the new Women

argh. im hating.
seriously, why must you dominate the shoe world too?
i mean, shoes are supposed to be a girl thing, right?
Imelda Marcos status. Walk in closets. A woman's staple, no?
Man, ok, ok, you can have all the cool colorways from Nike,
but you're taking our Gucci too????

and coordinating better than moi? double argh...

More of Gucci's Fall/Winter super-duper-rad-awesome cool line for MEN here.

[all gorgeous photos courtesy of gucci]