Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cameron Tiede's Cali Weekend

Whether you're reppin norCal or the SoCal, Cameron Tiede will be your super cool, friendly neighbor this weekend. Unlike your other friendly neighbors, there will be no trolley or cardigan in this episode. Instead he's got a sick subway and stylish melvin.

[Cameron Tiede's "Unlucky Seven." photo courtesy of Cameron Tiede.]

This Friday in Santa Cruz, he (and other artists too) will be showcasing his custom All City Style Blank NYC Subway Car for Cardboard Spaceship's show, Derailed. They got a great lineup of artists. The opening reception will be this friday and the show will run until may 31.

[Cameron Tiede's Melvin. photo courtesy of Cameron Tiede.]

In fabulous Pasadena, Cameron will be giving you a Melvin at the VTN show this Sunday who also has a great lineup of artists. More info on Melvin coming this week on Cameron's blog.

Thanks again to Cameron Tiede for keeping us in the know!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lactose Cuties

Mozarella is getting some new reinforcement in her dairy brigade, the Moofia.

Tokidoki's milk infused blind box mini figures expands with three new characters: Riso, Creamina and Fragolina.

These guys can now be found in Moofia milk cartons along with the rest of the gang.

And just when I thought my collection was complete -- these come out! ::cries::

More Tokidoki updates to come . . .

Friday, April 25, 2008

Warning: be on the lookout for Cereal Killers!

Cereal Killers is an upcoming art book by Docktor Vicktor Von Kreep of Kreepsville Industries featuring some of the most prolific cartoon illustrators today that parody General Mills' spooky cereals like Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry!

Heres the description from Kreepsville Industries' Cereal Killer blog:

Kreepsville Industries presents Cereal Killers. A spooky, kooky coffin table cartoon art book that has been in the works since 2006. This creepy, crawly treat features over 70 terrorfying takes on some of your favorite breakfast cereal's, and some original ones by some of the top animation artists and illustrators from today!
Some of the artists among the many (click here for an exhaustive list with links, over 70 in all) will include Crhis Savino, Sandra Equhua, Eddie Mort, Bill Wray, Lili Chin, Gabe Swarr, Kup Kake, Steve Lambe, Miah Alcorn, Chris Reccardi, Dan Thompson, Richard Wake, Eric Tan and Rob Lily. Plus the forward will be written by Maxwell Atoms of "Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" fame.

Some examples:

Martin Hsu & Jay Stephen

Lauren Faust & Chris Mitchell

Gabe Swarr & Kup Kake

Animation artists plus cereals plus spookiness equal awesome in my book. Get in the 'spirit' of things at idigcerealkillers.blogspot.com
& check out Von Kreep's Flckr photostream!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bag o' Green

I was going through this Sunday's newspaper (yup, I'm ancient and don't read my news online) and noticed the trendy propaganda everywhere to 'Go Green.' Who says propaganda is bad? I say anything to help pimp out the message that we need to help out mama earth is fine with me. Even adding another kinda fake holiday. Move over Valentine's and St. Patrick's day, Earth Day is about the blow you out. Hopefully =)

So one of the things I fell for was the promo at Home Depot. They are offering a FREE reusable tote to anyone. No purchase necessary. Don't 'cha just LOVE FREE stuff??? They also have dedicated a section of ways to help your home become more greener. I love that it's in beige and underneath the green imprinted earth it says "home improvement." (see above photo)

Also promoting reusable totes is Macy's. Their totes are $3.95 with a dollar of it going towards to the National Park Foundation. (see below)

Every store nowadays have their own version of reusable totes. Pick 'em up and don't forget to use it =)

Happy Earth Day Eve!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Gama-Go wants to open a flagship store of their own in San Francisco, but they need your help in order to make it happen!


"But how can I be of assistance?" you ask.

That's simple. Go buy stuff on their website

They're having some mad sales and crazy-good offers. Right now, if you buy one hoodie you get the other half off (whichever one is the most expensive they'll cut that price in half)! This offer is good until April 30.


And while you're gettin' your shop on, check out the Mysterious Fortune packs. For $40, $60, or $90 you can order a pack full of Gama-Go goodies: apparel, accessories, stickers, buttons, etc -- items are selected by Gama-Go so it's all a surprise. The only thing you need to do is specify your size and whether you want the package to have men's or women's stuff.

Um . . . I know our blog is awesome and all, but stop reading. Start shopping!

[Photos are property of Gama-Go]