Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's Official...

What up snitches,

It's official, some of the posse from the best damn show on Monday nights at 9 are coming back to the the summer Mecca of all nerds; the San Diego Comic Convention (July 26-29, 2007).

That's right folks, Heroes is going to be at the "Con." However the only thing announced so far is the day they're coming, July 28 which is on the Saturday and where among the madness it's going to be, Giant Ballroom 20. So I guess we'll just have to be on the look out for more details on the event.

In the mean time the Okee Dorkee crew will prepare for our yearly pilgrimage the "Holy Land" of geeks and walk amongst the mass of people who'd rather play WOW then shower on a daily basis.

Skeletrino: In the works!

Since my last blog entry of Tokidoki's recent additions to the world of vinyl toys with Adios and Ciao Ciao, we have gotten in contact with Tokidoki and recently received word, from Simone Legno himself, that a Skeletrino figure (Adios and Ciao Ciao's cat) is currently being put into works. Simone didn't tell us when we can expect to see Skeletrino up for grabs, but at least all of us are now in the know :)

Here's what he looks like:
skeletrino Don'tcha just love how his tail looks like a scythe?

Taste the Rain, it's Nice

(photo courtesy of zeptonn)
Zeptonn recently finished a project that took several days to complete. He created a wall drawing for his workspace at Studio Pats that measures 14.76' x 6.56'. He drew everything freehand using black uni-posa pens (similar to sharpie paint pens.)

Check out the process below:

Hope this inspires everyone to pick up a pen & go!

Thanks again, Zeptonn, for the exclusive news!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Evil Kicks Beware, the Four Guardians are Here...

Yo, I was flippin through the latest issue of Vice Magazine and saw this on the back...

(ad scanned from vice magazine Vol.14 Number 5)
Nike SB is coming out with a four pack of kicks called the "Four Guardians" inspired by the four guardian animals of China/Japan. The graphics are pretty fresh, each shoe/season has it's guardian animal printed on the sole of each type of shoe. Be on the lookout -- the first shoe is to debut this holiday season, with the other three to follow with it's corresponding season.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Kurt Halsey Fredericksen's "A Subtle Existence..." at G1988

Kurt Halsey Fredericksen 's solo art show "a subtle existence, all the meanings in our moments shared," is currently being showcased at LA's Gallery 1988 until June 15.

Lined within the gallery walls are almost 50 "untitled" paintings, drawings, and collages that cleverly depict the heartfelt sensitivities of relationships. Kurt Halsey's endearing work has developed a following with his unique character illustrations and ideas relevant to anyone who has loved and lost.

I made it out to LA this last Saturday and the gallery was my first stop, just before going on a Melrose vinyl toy hunt! Some favorites:

Untitled (Big Yellow Snow)

Untitled (Never Enough Kisses) and Untitled (Triple Post-It Notes)

Untitled (Big Pimpin')

Untitled (Concert Posters)

Untitled (Lake)

Untitled (Evergreen Miles)

Untitled (mini orange firefly) and (mini green firefly)

Untitled (Constant Consistency)

Untitled (Night Bat)

Untitled (Cute Chicks) and Untitled (Airport Sketch)

Untitled (Hug Behind)

Unfortunately, Kurt Halsey was unable to make the opening reception for his show (see G1988's blog). To compensate to his adoring fans, he will be having a meet and greet this Friday June 1st from 6 to 9pm and on Saturday June 2nd from 12 to 3pm! Kurt promises presents- I'm there!

Speaking of presents, Guitar Player and Flowers are available as prints, Umbrella as a poster, and a half-dozen of them are available as collectible postcards (I got Picnic Table/Swings)!

Click here
to see the rest of Kurt Halsey's work in my photo album!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Paper + Scissors + Glue = PaperCraft FUN!

(images from ReadyMech -- love their different characters!)

After running into the Papercraft from ReadyMech, I thought, these would be easy and a fun alternative to vinyl toys (or great giveaway for a kid or big kid's party or even have these little guys be name holders at the guests' tables.) How hard could it be??? Hmm...

My boyfriend wanted a new motorcyle, and I thought, I'll actually BUILD him one! So I came across the actual bike he wanted on the Yamaha Site and found this:
(photo courtesy of yamaha -- they have a bunch of other papercrafts besides bikes! check 'em out!)
My plan was to have this all built for him for Valentine's Day, but after seeing all the instructions, the multiple pages needed to be printed, and noticing I should not only build the bike but build all the garage accessories and shop background as well, i said, SCREW that! and thought maybe we can make it together???

So I needed to test my cut-fold-glue skills as well as my patients on something easy. The ReadyMech ones seemed too easy...lets try an intermediate papercraft. I tested my skill on a Cardboy Calendar, which has two elements: The Cardboy Calendar holder and a cube that inserts into the Cardboy with all the months and dates.
(at work with my my cardboy calendar)
I realized I am too picky, too much of a perfectionist (I was driving myself insane because the angle of my cuts were wrong) I thought I better leave it to the professionals. or i suppose i can practice more. or make my own?
Tama Software has a program online, Pepakura Designer, that allows you to create your very own papercraft design. Design your own party decor or create your own little character or design your own weaponry for CosPlay. The program uses designing tool elements used in 3D CG software. It's free to download and they encourage users to try it out before buying a password -- which enables the "saving" and "exporting" feature and only cost $38!

More papercraft fun on Cannon's site, which has all types of designs from cute little animals to historial buildings from around the world.
Cannon even has other projects like pop up greeting cards and diy boxes that would be great for all types of celebrations and events!

For all you experts, try the building the papercrafts that actually have moving parts!

Hungry? Make some food!
Steak? Chicken (a Whole one) ?
(dont forget to make the raw steak, but eat the cooked one! don't forget your utensils! found by reader ..::ER!K::.. )

But you probably need to store and cook your food...Need a rice cooker or other appliance? Build one!
(the rice cooker lid detaches...peek inside and you see rice!)
Are the above designs too soft for you Urban Hip-Hop-ya-don't-Stoppers?
I didn't forget about you! Rep yo set! Here are a few samples people customized using these templates. These are effin Dope!!! SO much stuff you can make, all by Shin Tanaka!
(pix courtesy of Shin Tanaka)

Also try out the Papercraft Set Janus Saint found at the VTN Show by Brian Castleforte.
(my crew is better than your crew.)
Have you made any Papercraft?
EMAIL US ( your papercraft creations and we'll post 'em up!
(i plan to make at least one this memorial day weekend. good luck to me. i need it.)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Coming to a HOOD near you!

A witty idea: hoodies with heads on each side of the hood!! There are currently 8 different styles in all, from two cute girl faces, a cool dude, card suit faces, the fierce gorilla, and a funny/scary clown face!

Personally i'm partial to the black skull Headhood 'cause I'm a bone head.

Also available in full hoody and sleeveless hoodies for those that want to show off them 'guns'! Each Headhood is printed on American Apparel hoodies so you know the quality and construction is top notch.

More info at

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Plaa-Dowww! Notes

Are you a Super Hero with No Bat Signal? Don't Fret, get your Message across with these Comic Sticky Notes by Monkey Business! Get rid of those yellow sticky notes and live life like a Super Hero!
I purchased these a while back at Urban Outfitters.

The Note EVERYONE should have:
dont'cha love my notes?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jewelry

(top to bottom: Jack Sparrow Ring, Davey Jones Ring, Pirates of the Carribean Skull Ring, East India Trading Company Ring, Pintel Ring. Above rings by Joel Harlow for Disney Couture.)

With the third installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series hitting theatres this Thursday, it's time to prep your pirate gear. Leave your parrot at home and make a sophisticated splash with fellow swashbuck fans and check out the Disney Couture Jewelry Line inspired by the famous ride and blockbuster.

Make a Coordinating Sword Set: Ring, Necklace that can convert to a pin, Double Sword Necklace, Wrap Bracelet, and Earrings. All Gold Plated with Swarovski Crystals.

Have your eyes on the prize?
These 18K gold plated Skull Necklaces with Swarovski Crystal Eyes are perfect for you!
Bling ain't your thing?
Try these 18K gold plated Necklaces: Single Skull Pendant and Wrap-around Long Skull Silhouette Necklace.
Nautical by Nature?
Make sure you have the Black Pearl Ship Helm, Black Pearl Ship, and Capt. Jack Sparrow's Hat on your next voyage!
Not diggin' the Gold?
Plenty of Silver (plated) to go around:
Pistol Necklace, Davey Jones' Key, Pirates of Carribean Skull with Swarvoski Crystals, Charm Bracelet, Sword Necklace with Swarvoski Crystals.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Breaking News - Remains Found.

(1979 - 2007)
photo courtesy of

[thanks to our reader, ..::ER!K::.. , for the great find!]