Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tokidoki's Pretty Kittys [coming soon!]

Holy madness!
Because I was already delirious the past couple of days at the loony Comic Con and wanted to heighten my insane factor, I waited in line for two hours for a signature. yes. i know. i'm trippin' right? But don't worry, i had fun. I entertained myself by gettin' gangsta' on the jenius elite security f'tards. Know your roll sons! but i digress...

Comic Con-sters: Didya collect all FOUR Postcards of the Tokidoki Onitsuka Tigers during the Comic Con?
[exclusive pic taken by MURSE1
© All rights reserved. postcard collection provided by carmeL.]

...I've seen Simone Legno (the brains behind the Tokidoki obsession) plenty of times before and I have his signature already...but I just had to get my dang Deva's signed (post on that later.)

But, the wait was worth it. I got exclusive news! (I did it for you guys!!!)
I was able to chat with Simone about his new project with Asics on their Onitsuka Tiger line:

The Tokidoki Onitsuka Tiger line will consist of 4 designs containing the 4 tigers with 2 styles each -- a hightop and low top sneaker -- so that's a total of 8 shoes you need to collect! The line will be for both the fellas and chicas! The line is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2008 in Japan and USA. Simone said he has the Tokidoki-Onitsukas collabo prototypes sitting on his shelf next to his Devas and other tokidoki paraphernalia. I wanna see! Simone, house party at your house, yes? Tell Kaori! and okay, Ivan can come too. lemme know! ;)

hmmm...what will they look like?
Here are a couple of the past Onitsuka Tiger Line Styles...(maybe they'll use these???)

[pic courtesy of asics]

Yo, Simone, my badd. I thought the above postcards were of bears. Note to (slow) Self: those are actually tigers. Waka-waka-waka! duh, tigers for onitsuka tigers. like hello, they gots teeth like sabre-tooth tigers. ha, sorry simone. I'm really slow.

Thanks again Simone for the exclusive news!

Horvath is my Homie

After David Horvath (ya know, the "Uglydolls Dude" whose stuff I've written about how many times?) doodled a little Babo and Ice Bat in my notebook at his Giant Robot signing on Saturday, I asked if he could take a picture with our [Okee Dorkee] logo. Yee!

It's kinda weird 'cause people like him (artists who create super awesome things) are like celebrities to me, so I was super nervous when I asked. I mean, I did a friggin speech on the Uglydoll company for my communications class last year (and got an A)!!! But he was really nice :D

I swear, my fingers were all shaky when I was handing him my card . . . he probably thinks I'm a nerd. I guess he'd be right :P

If you guys haven't checked out any of his stuff (or his wife/Uglydolls co-creator Sun Min Kim's things), what are you waiting for??? You'll thank me later. Chronicle Books have produced some really sweet Uglydolls stationary, notebooks, address books, postcards, etc.

But anywho, don't forget to check back with us and all the things we've seen, done, and bought at Comic Con! Like I said before, we got lots to write about. Lots.

[Babo with Horvath's doodles courtesy of me]

Monday, July 30, 2007

COMIC CON is done!

Comic Con is a week 6 days 2 Days 1 day away HERE DONE!

WHEW! what a GREAT(!) long five days! We are all recovering from broken backs and achy feet...

We had such a great show!
We will be sharing some insider news, exclusive pix, and will be giving away some Comic Con Swag to all our fabulous readers (yes, thats YOU!)

Stay tuned for Comic Con Coverage!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Star Wars Chubbies

Like russian nesting dolls. Msrp $11.99

--janus saint's sidekick

Gerard Way haunts memories.

Lead singer of My Chemical Romance Gerard Way gets his own Haunted
Memories morphing portrait by Eddie Allen!

--via janus saint's sidekick

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Adios and Ciao Ciao Mystery Solved

On Wednesday's preview night, the mystery behind the special Adios and Ciao Ciao figures were revealed to us . . . or at least those who were at Comic Con.

The delightfully gruesome duo got a complete makeover getting the metallic grey scale color treatment. These were limited to 250 per figure and are $25 each, but somehow Adios sold out and Ciao Ciao remains available. Why is that? Why buy only one? Buy the set! Jeez :P

Con ends on Sunday, but don't fret. We have tons [and tons, and tons, and tons] of things we still need to write about!

Friday, July 27, 2007

"Salame" to Tim & Eric's Awesomecon!

On Saturday July 28th from noon to 2pm, fans of the purveyors of random weirdness Tim and Eric from hit [Adult Swim] shows Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Tom Goes to the Mayor will be pleased to know that they will be holding a fun all-ages outdoor deemed

Awesomecon will be held at the Embarcadero Marina Park just behind the Marriott next to the Comic-Con as a follow up to last year's "Tomicon". Tim and Eric will be there to meet and greet and fans can take part in outdoor activities, eat some bbq'ed weenies, listen to DJ music, score some Tim and Eric gear, and even have a chance to win a Waverunner ride with the duo!
Awesomecon update! For even more details see Eric's myspace blog.

Kevin Pereira, host of G4's Attack of the Show, had recently shot and chopped a promo video for the event:

from Kevin Pereira's blog

Most likely K-Per will be at Awesomecon too so expect some Attack of the Show coverage, but don't quote me on that. Hopefully Casey and his Brother will be there to perform some rockin' tunes!

Keep a lookout for that upcoming season of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job coming in fall and keep your meat ice cold!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

OKEEdORKEE live from the Con...

JanuS SainT is one of the several OKEEdORKEE peeps at the con. right. now.
he stopped by ToyQube and sent these LIVE shots...oOOooOOoOoo

limited editions by Nemo: Haremungous (edition 1 of 3!?!) & Gus -- love his 'fit.

the limited edition Sharky by Keith Poon, doodled on by simone legno!

Look out for him...

[taken by JanuS SainT via his sidekick]

San Diego Race Queen Rei Ayanami!

Just announced from Kotobukiya is a new SDCC exclusive 7 ½ inch PVC statue featuring Rei Ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelion as a San Diego race queen complete with San Diego Comic Con logos, colors, and background!

from the Kotobukiya Comic-Con figure release:
The edition size of only 1250 pieces is printed on the display base in a stylish race track style graphic, and each statue will include four different background cards – two of which are exclusive to this release – which attach to the base to create a diorama display! Priced at $30, only 100 pieces of this figure will be available at the Kotobukiya booth, while the remaining pieces will be sold by retailers throughout the convention.
Make sure you stop by Kotobukiya Booth #2301 to get a hold of one of these awesome figures to represent San Diego as well as your love for anime!

YOU too can be a HERO!

or just play one...

Images from the HEROES: The Mobile Game was released seconds ago by leading game developer, Gameloft and NBC/Universal Pictures.

Yes, this is a game for your mobile phone. O_o

Dipicted in the pic, form left to right: Niki, (or is it jessica???) Hiro, Peter, and the cheerleader, Claire.

Comic Con attendees can preview and try out the game at the NBC/Universal booth #3912!

[exclusive image provided by Gameloft and NBC/Universal Pictures]

REMINDER: VTN's The Urban Underground Project

[photo courtesy vinyltoys.net]
Another "side 'Con" happening in conjunction with Comic-Con is Vinyl Toy Network's The Urban Underground Project happening Friday July 27 and Saturday the 28th from 2pm - 8pm at Jerome's Building aka the Factory on 1466 F St. featuring plenty of vinyl toy goodness. Admission is free and there will be even be a free shuttle service to the event on Harbor Drive in front of the Hyatt for those Comic-Con'ers with PVC in their blood.

As with VTN's past events there will be plenty of Artists appearances (including Andrew Bell, Brian Castleforte, Luke Feldman, Christopher Lee, Buffmonster, and much more!) well as Exclusive Toys from the show!

619 Comic Con Munky King Exclusives! WHUT!!

Attention Vinyl Villains and Gangstas,

Got an email from the good folks at MUNKY KING, they gave me the low down on their signing schedule regarding their featured artists and exclusives for the 619 Comic Con. They will be featuring artists Thursday – Saturday with nobody on Sunday.

In order for them to make it fair for everybody, none of the exclusives will be sold Wednesday the 25th for preview night. The 619 Comic Con exclusives can be acquired once the Munky King booth opens at 10am. As soon as they open you will need to acquire a numbered wristband for each exclusive. From that point on, once you get your wristband, they’ll be calling out your number for the designated signing time.

Munky King will be selling 40 a day of the following exclusives at the designated artist signing time:

SDCC Possessed by LUKE CHUEH edition of 150
SDCC Pirate Pusher by THOMAS HAN edition of 150
SDCC Spirit Pusher by THOMAS HAN edition of 150

and below is their following schedule:

noon - 2pm LUKE CHUEH
4pm - 6pm THOMAS HAN

FRI. JULY 27th
11:00 am - noon AMANDA VISELL
noon - 2pm LUKE CHUEH
4pm - 6pm THOMAS HAN

SAT. JULY 28th
11:00 am - noon AMANDA VISELL
noon - 2pm LUKE CHUEH
4pm - 6pm THOMAS HAN

Also, don’t forget about the little shindig they got going on called DA FESTICON. It’ll be poppin Thursday night (July 26th) @ BASIC Bar on tenth and J from 9pm-2am. It should be dope, with Dj’s spinning and live painting going on through the night. Oh and for those that go, let me know how it went, unfortunately I’m working that night.


Preview Night: Conquered and Pooped (already)

holy moly. if Preview Nite was only for the selected few -- press peeps and multi-day pass holders -- i am scared for the sold out saturday crowd. Preview Nite was packed! and oh, the smell. good gawd, its only the first day people!

anyhoo, though i parked really far, got dizzy a couple times, (ha, i don't do well in crowds, thank goodness for the on-site medics, but don't worry, i didn't use them. yet) and was not able to get all the free stuff i wanted, (because of the crazy long lines and them "running out") Preview Nite was fun =)

enjoy a tiny peek of the hoopla...

G4 Stage - watch them as they film live throughout the weekend!
KidRobot booth where tagging was preferred, but SOMEONE was way hoggin it...
Way Cool Naruto and Bleach Characters
The most comfortable looking booth -- best place to set as the "meet up" place
Isaac's NY Apt/Paint Studio aka the ultra tiny Heroes Booth
(hello??? do they even understand their popularity???)
Darthea is yo mama ready to partay!
_____ in a box! that's huge!
Mister Lover Man...JABBA!
WAY Want...
(...to stop buying, lucky for simone, im a sucka.)

comic con,
we had a great thing going. you. me. some friends.
but now. oh now. gollie, why are you so popular?
and better than ever???

[photo taken by MURSE1 © All rights reserved. ya best ask him for permission if you wanna use it]

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yes, we've all been waiting for this.
Heroes: Season 1 will be arriving on DVD and HD Dvd August 28th.

The seven-disc DVD set is packed with revealing bonus features, including five featurettes, over 50 deleted scenes plus the 73-minute Tim Kring cut of the original series premiere that has never aired on television and much more.

Don't forget to visit the Heroes Booth at Comic Con #3912
Also, join their panel on Saturday Room 20 from 12:45pm - 2pm...word on the streets, the entire cast will be there.

[flash image courtesy of heroes official myspace page]

Oh Miss Jenna...

it's not a stretch for miss jenna jameson to play a provocative superheroine. not at all! the lady writes books (did you know she's a 'New York Times best selling author? holler at yo' girl!) and built an empire on merely...her. smart.

well, her new venture is...being a comic gawddess.

Announced today, (yes this is exclusive!!!) Miss Jenna is working with Virgin Comics on a new comic debuting at the Comic Con called, Shadow Hunter. Sorry lads, the comic will not contain any nudity and is intended for a mainstream audience.

Jenna says:
I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Virgin to bring this story to life, first as comics and eventually in film and other formats...Working with comics is creatively liberating – everything is possible. My character is sultry, sexy and kicks ass!"

The 144 page Shadow Hunter book will hit retailers in June 2008. So, hurry up and finish Harry Potter! ha.

Miss Jenna will be appearing, (yes, u read right!) on Saturday at 4:30pm in Room 33A. Also
visit the Virgin Comic Booth (#1803) for more info and for more images of Shadow Hunter.

[exclusive cover art provided by
Virgin Comics ]

Richard Kelly's "Southland Tales" @ Con

Richard Kelly, director of the cult hit Donnie Darko, will be making an appearance at Comic Con to make a special announcement of his highly anticipated film Southland Tales -- which is based upon the three-part graphic novel he wrote about a futuristic LA set on July 4, 2008. The ensemble cast includes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Sean William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Justin Timberlake, Mandy Moore, Cheri Oteri, Jon Lovitz, Miranda Richardson, and Silent Bob himself: Kevin Smith.

After his announcement, Kelly will be signing posters from the film. Comic Con is known for surprises, so who knows if someone else might show up? ;)

Here's some more info to check out the event:

- Friday, July 27
- 11:00 to 1:00 pm
- Location AA12

hey, Preview Night Attendees!

[image courtesy of skinwalkers ]

After getting your badges, you gotta check out the exhibit hall.
and when you're done mapping out your four days at Comic Con,
head over to the SkinWalkers Booth and step into their cage and
come face-to-face with a skinwalker!

Oh hull, naw.
if a skinwalker looks like the brawd above with some snaggle-tooth-filled grill with them funky mystery white drips, I pass. Ya'lls let me know how all that crazy cage shizz goes.

but if you're a scardy-kat like me, try building up the courage, avoid the cage section at all cost, and pick up a Limited Edition Skinwalker Poster at the booth -- only 1300 have been printed!

The Skinwalkers movie will be in theatres on August 10th.
On Saturday, get your Skinwalkers poster signed by the producer and special effects artist Stan Winston, and the stars in the movie: Jason Behr, Natassia Malthe, and Shawn Roberts in the bewtween 11 am - 1pm at the autograph area.

Avast Ye! Exclusive Comic Con booty!

warning: you are approaching waters that are curse with corny pirate slang. feel free to poke your eye out. poking eye out not suggested for all ye one-eyed pirates. because a nickname like "no eyed willy" sounds silly. well maybe don't poke, just read. at your discretion. aye!

Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?
Because New pirate booty is coming out and will be set sailing at this year's Comic Con. Aye!

Me hearties,
WizKids, Inc. will be showing off their newest project, Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean PocketModel Game that will get ye deadlights excited. Aye, it's RPG (role-playing game for all ye bilge rats not in the know) or as they would formally describe it as, "tabletop games driven by imagination." Instead of using plain ol' strategy cards or traditional game pieces, card packs will include a styrene card where pieces are then popped out and Cap'ns and their crew can contruct 3D pirate ships seen in all three of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies.

Each swag pack will include everything you need to set sail on the black pearl and pretend you're jack sparrow. Blimey! You'll get two ships to be assembled by the player, one island/terrain card, a treasure or crew card, a rulebook, and a die. Begad!

Handsomely now, men! Stop by the WizKid booth #2743 and check out the cool models.

Fair Winds, matey! See ye at the show.

[exclusive photos provided by WizKids Inc.]

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Attn: Gamers

There will be TWO games you can play at Comic Con before all those poser-gamer-'bees. Atari, Inc. will be featuring demos of "Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3" (holla-say-whatt) and "Godzilla: Unleashed."

Wii-sters, Lucky you, you will be able to play both games on your system.And, uh, Playstation 2 Playas, you get the Dragon Ball game! yay.

What I love about the Comic Con is being able to check out cool stuff before it hits main stream. dontcha' love having brag rights?

like, "oh, that game....SO last season! get with the program..." ;)

Both games are actually scheduled to release late this year.

Dragon Ball Z-sters, head to FUNimation Entertainment booth, # 4129

Godzilla skrillas, head to Foundation 9 booth, # 4630

[exclusive game screenshots provided by the cool pr peeps of atari, inc., i love them!]

Comic-Con Back Track...

To hype things up just a little more for the events this coming week, I thought I'd share some pics from Comic-Cons of the past four years and reminisce a little.


This was the first year that I didn't bring a camera and instead relied on a homie's newly bought digital camera. Unfortunately, these are the only decent pictures that I was able to find and they're both of Aria Giovanni.


I was kinda sorta into Eliza Dushku's show Tru Calling. I tried to get a decent picture, but the best I could do was take a picture of her on the projection screen. Lame.

Robotech Skull Squadron valkyries premiere courtesy of Toynami.

Sagat jackin' my hat. He also threatened to tiger uppercut me if I didn't pull up my pants.

Claudio Sanchez
's (Coheed and Cambria, Prize Fighter Inferno, The Amory Wars) first comic-book "The Second Stage Turbine Blade" release with art by Wes Abbott. The visuals really help understand the first half of their first album.

Chula Vista, California native and actress Adriana Sage makes an appearance. Giggity.

Those damn Uglydolls...

Those damn Wayans Brothers... HA! Just kidding. I forgot what movie they were promoting here.


Wes Abbot and Claudio. I was only able to get Wes' autograph the year before so I came back to have Claudio sign the first issue, second issue, and Coheed's first and second albums. It was that serious.

I'm pretty sure we'll be running into this guy again...

OMG MEDICOM SB DUNKZ IN THE FLESH! Hey... I thought it was dope.

Sick ass bearbrick ring. I'd get this over one of those Vivienne Westwood ones...

Back when I had an iPod Shuffle, I wanted this iKub by Medicom. I lost my shuffle, though. Bummer.

I need to find this girl again.


A huge munny at the Kid Robot booth.

Camo Nosferatu figure by Futura.

Some safety and emergency procedures in the event of any snakes on a plane.

I caught up with Claudio... AGAIN. One cool cat he is.

Homegirls from Secret Base. When I asked about the vampire bites on her neck she replied that she now has "eternar rife." I then asked her if I can have that too. She giggled. That was it.

Simone Legno of Tokidoki working a a quick piece I asked him to do for my niece, Lauryn. The baby character looked a lot like her back then.

Sooooooo cute. I'm sooooooo jealous (of Kaori). Wait... what?

That's all for now, folks. Stay tuned for more pictures from this year's CON. Hopefully of more famous faces, new releases, antics, booth babes, blahzay blahzay blaaaaah.