Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Such a DEVA!

I am SO thrilled to be a lucky owner of the Fornarina Tokidoki Deva! The special delivery came in last night via my stylist. He's the best! He was able to track them down and get on a waiting list. The Fornarina Store in L.A. called last Friday to give me great news that their first shipment from Europe had just arrived. Umm, ya, there's two boxes...I couldn't decide on the Black or White I got both? Ying and Yang = balance, right?

These are so comfortable, I swear I can go running in them! Hehe, I know my boyfriend just rolled his eyes. But they are soft and comfy in comparison to most heels. The insoles display the famous Tokidoki artwork (that unfortunately is covered when worn) and have a good cushion thickness to them -- and you know that cushion is a must for heels! The outsole is plastic but directly under the ball of your feet is a rubber inlay (which is decorated with a crown pattern.) Another smart move -- the rubber inlay is the perfect solution to minimize slips and falls for those who tend to slip when they walk (or dance!) in heels. The heel is not too high and not too low -- measured from floor to top of insole heel - 3.5 inches -- not high at all, right? Keep in mind that the cushion is thick and the outsole below the ball have height to them as well. The arch on the shoe feels good too. It feels as though it follows your natural arch, another hard find. They come in Euro Whole Sizes. I think the strap is adjustable just like the Dr. Scholls sandals, but I haven't figured out how to adjust them yet.

And if that wasn't good enough, they even come with a Tokidoki anklet and a gorgeous box! I think I will be converting the anklets to bracelets. For now, the shoe boxes will keep my Devas immaculate, but I'm sure after a month or so, the box will be used for storing something else.

Girls, you gotta get this shoe! Not only is it way stylish, but it will make your feet happy! It's way comfy and can be dressed up or dressed down! How great is that. They run for $170. But just divide that by the number of times you're gonna wear them...I'm telling you, its worth it! Oh, and the compliments you'll get! AND its a limited piece of art! And you know how pricey rare art can be! Can you believe all I did was talk about shoes on this post?!? My Gollie.

(all pix are taken and edited by juligie. please contact for photo use.)


Anonymous said...

Wow those TokiDoki shoes are amazing so cute, where did you find them ?

Anonymous said...

is starting to become my favorite brand!