Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nintendo kids meal toys!

I love Nintendo related anything, but they're always especially awesome when those things are kids' meal toys!
It looks like the next set of Wendy's kids' meal toys are all Wii related!

From the looks of things, my guesses are that they're a Wii remote that shoots coins, a wii remote that repels/controls mario on a shell with magnets, a puzzle, a wii sports baseball game, and an excitetruck.

What surprises me is that these toys aren't offered by Mcdonalds which it usually does when it comes to Nintendo. They had Nintendo toys a couple of months ago:

I love how they used those 'invisible stagehands' effect like in those viral videos of japanese game shows.

But my favorite kids' meal toys of all time have to be the ones for Super Mario Bros. 3!

Ahhh, those times when fun was found in a clear plastic wrapped package next to your small fries.