Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Heroes is FINALLY back! I must admit that Monday nights just haven't been the same for me since Heroes left us hanging back In March. Now I can finally go back to sitting at the edge of my seat while I watch the story of these "ordinary people discovering extraordinary abilities" unfold before my all too eager eyes. I hoped to find answers to the questions lingering in the back of my head for the past month and a half, but in true Heroes fashion, the conclusion of this newest episode has only left a series of new questions... What is Linderman going to use Micah's abilities for? How does Mr. Bennett plan on stopping OWI [Organization Without Initials... how ironic]? What happened [or didn't] that made the foreseen explosion come to fruition? What did Isaac paint to show how to stop/kill Sylar and will the right people see these drawings in time?

Wow... I'm getting ahead of myself. Allow me to backtrack a few steps and introduce myself. My name is carmeL, and I have a tendency to get overly excited about the things that interest me... some might even say I get a bit obsessive [yes rye-uhn-air-ick, that means you]. Whenever I discover something new that I really REALLY like [i.e. a new video game or TV show] I can't seem to focus my mind on anything else, at least for a short period of time. Call it a selective, short-term, obsessive fascination. I trace these obsessive tendencies back to the era when New Kids on the Block ruled the world [at least they sure ruled mine] and include the USA Cartoon Express, slap bracelets, Lisa Frank, & the Sanrio Store... you get the picture.

So back to my current fascination with Heroes. I swear Heroes is like a drug and I'm a full-blown addict. To hold me over until I can get my next Heroes fix, I generally head over to the Heroes website to check out the latest chapter of the online graphic novel and peruse the theories other fans are posting on the message boards. I personally like The Unified Theory v3.0 thread. Some of the more interesting theories include one where Sylar is actually the one to stop Peter [the bomb] from blowing NYC to shreds for his own personal gains.

Getting the scar Future Hiro was talking about on the subway?

Where did they go wrong?

While I like to read other people's thoughts on how the show might progress, I haven't really developed my own theory as to what is going to happen. However, I will say that one theory is peaking my interest... Perhaps Future Hiro's intervention with Peter on the subway has started the chain of events that leads to the destruction of NYC. Not saying I completely agree, but just a thought to hold you over until next Monday.

I fear my overzealousness of the subject has led me to write entirely way too much. I leave you with a pic of my favorite Hero - Hiro =)

Until my next obsession...

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