Saturday, November 29, 2008

Luke Feldman: ONE Night Only @ Rotofugi & then some

[Photo courtesy of Luke Feldman/Skaffs]

Our boy Luke Feldman is going to be having a one night only gig in Chicago at Rotofugi on Wed. Dec. 10. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by and watch Luke do his thing. I've witnessed it briefly at Wondercon and it's pretty friggin' amazing (see)!

Can't make it? Me too, but no worries. Luke's got other things up his sleeves to keep the rest of us entertained. 

Recently he's created a piece based on Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are." This is available at Culver City's Wonderful World of Animation Art Gallery for $400 -- clearly, for those who are collectors with beaucoup bucks to spare. 

*sigh* Must be nice.

Where the Wild Things Are
[Photo courtesy of Luke Feldman/Skaffs]

Now for something on the affordable side. The lovely Ester is now immortalized on her own skate deck. Pick one up for $65 at Pop Art Skate Boards. See, $65 isn't that scary. Right? Mmm hmm.

Ester Deck
[Photo courtesy of Luke Feldman/Skaffs]

Christmas is around the corner and this totally matches my room .  .  . hint. Mom, are you reading this? =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pantone'n your kicks

[photo courtesy of]

So you have the Pantone stunnaz, cellphone, mugs, cuff links, limited edition bag, the flash drives and all the other crazy-cool gear, top off your collection with some kicks.

Pantone x SeaVees collabo!

Preorder these from SeaVees before the general public gets to them -- you have now until november twentyfourth. Click on photo above. login: pantone password: seavees0963


Kermit is My Homeboy

Hang with your green childhood roll dawg frog and immortalize yourself as a Muppet! Finally, my prayers have been answered! FAO Schwarz is giving you the chance to build your own "Muppet WhatNots." You pick the color of the muppet, the type of eyes, hair and outfit. Okay, your Muppet WhatNot doesn't need to look like you per se, but shouldn't you also join in on the alter ego craze?!

[me muppetized courtesy of FAO Schwarz]

totally going on my wishlist for this holiday season.
[dope find by hj; photos courtesy of FAO Schwarz]

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Unleash the "Twilighters"

(Twilight Cast L-R: Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Nikki Reed, and Jackson Rathbone.)

Not since Harry Potter has there been a frantic frenzy over a film adaptation of a book series. Though Twilight is getting hailed as the new Potter and it's author, Stehpenie Meyer, the new J.K. Rowling, one can't compare either: it's peaches and plums, really.

To amp up the film's Nov. 21 release, the cast is going on a tour across the Hot Topic shops of America starting tomorrow, Nov. 10 at San Francisco's Stonestown Galleria -- which is conveniently RIGHT NEXT TO MY SCHOOL. O_o

But first things first. In order to get into the signings, rules apply:

* For either "Edward" (Robert Pattinson) or "Bella" (Kristen Stewart) signings, you must be one of the first 500 to purchase the $30 Twilight Tour tee in person the day of the signing to get in.

* For the "Jacob" (Taylor Lautner), "Laurent" (Edi Gathegi), and "Victoria" (Rachelle Lefevre) signings, you must be one of the first 750 to purchase the Twilight Tour tee in person the day of the signing to get in.

$30?! Just to meet Robert Pattinson??? Okay, looks like I'm not going. =P

Anywho, here's the string of dates for each signing:

Robert Pattinson:
Nov. 10 - San Francisco @ Stonestown Galleria
Nov. 11 - Dallas @ Dallas Galleria
Nov. 12 - Chicago @ Orland Square Mall
Nov. 13 - Philadelphia @ Plaza at Kings of Prussia
Nov. 14 - Boston @ Square One Mall

Kristen Stewart
Nov. 13 - Fairfax, VA @ Fair Oaks Mall
Nov. 14 - Paramus, NJ @ Garden State Plaza

Taylor Lautner/Edi Gathegi/Rachelle Lefevre:
Nov. 10 - Seattle @ Southcenter Mall
Nov. 11 - Denver @ Park Meadows Mall
Nov. 12 - Scottsdale, AZ @ Fashion Square Mall
Nov. 13 - Houston (location TBA)
Nov. 14 - Minneapolis @ Mall of America
Nov. 15 - Miami @ Shops at Sunset

More rules and information about the tour are here. And just 'cause I'm feeling generous, I'm gonna stick a clip from the film in this entry. You're welcome. n_n

(Clip courtesy of the Official Twilight Film's YouTube page)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Yes We Did!

To commemorate the historic event that took place this Tuesday, Nov. 5, MoveOn is distributing free stickers celebrating Barack Obama's groundbreaking victory featuring the art of Shepard Fairey -- who designed the Obama  "Hope" posters.

For a $3+ donation, you can get 5 stickers OR for a $20+ donation, you can get 50 stickers.

There are also 5,000 posters of the "Yes We Did -- Victory!" available starting Saturday, Nov. 8 at 12:30 p.m. ET.

Each print is hand numbered and the first 1,000 are signed by Fairey himself. Those who donate $500 or more will receive a signed print while supplies last. $80+ donations will receive an unsigned poster. 

All donations from either the stickers or posters will help MoveOn support Obama's future plans for the good 'ol (and progressing) USA in transitioning the country to a clean, green-energy economy, ending the Iraq War in a non-wreckless manner, and providing affordable health care to all Americans.

This is history, people! You have an opportunity to get in on it, so take advantage of it -- whether you get a free sticker or make a simple (or f*cking HUGE) donation. =)

Yay, America!!!

The Party's Over, time to clean up!

"The Morning After" by Zina Saunders
Writer-Illustrator Zina Saunders is known for her quirky portraits based on current figures. She has recently collected her pictures of the McCain/Palin campaign in a 40 page full color book, "The Party's Over."

Zina says:

The website offers a preview of the first 15 pages of the book, and the actual book includes 25 more pages featuring 20 of my campaign paintings, all of which you can see in this gallery.

Let's hear it for Hope, Change and Progress!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Suffrage or Suffer: VOTE TODAY or expect A Frightening Prospect!

photo by sabeth718for
VOTING DAY IS TODAY! Do it or forever hold your war.

While you're at the polls, why not download and post these awesome parody Palin posters at *WINK*

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