Monday, March 3, 2008

Luke Feldman

I found Luke Feldman (remember Gie and Murse checked him out at the Pop Cling show and he was also at Comic Con to show off his animated short "Who Saved the Moon"?) at the Cartoon Art Museum's booth doing sketches for donations and also sold some of his prints.




While there, the prototype of his figure Maiko made it's public debut.


Annnddd, coming hot of the presses (literally -- it was printed the day before) a brand new Pop Cling wall decal made it's debut at Wondercon as well. Luke was telling me and my friend that it was inspired by the Victoria's Secret angels.


Oh yes, when I mentioned our blog, he said he was familiar with it. YAY! >^_^<  


[All photos courtesy of NiNa -- do not take without permission]

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Nguyen Duong said...

thanks for the post. will have to check his next show coming down here to LA.