Friday, April 27, 2007

Pop Cling Vinyl Show Highlights

Thank you Munky King for such a great show! Great artwork and happy (liquored up) people =D

Check out some photos I took at the exhibit...

(L to R: some of the featured artwork by Jessica Lopez, a.k.a. Uncommon Industries, Jeremyville, Josh Ellingson, Luke Feldman)

Cameron Tiede's mobile is wonderful for a kid's bedroom or play area or a big kid's office space! Aren't they the friendliest monsters and sea creatures you've ever seen? Those are the kind of (lovable) monsters I wouldn't mind finding hiding under my bed!

Luke Feldman's harem of hunnies are gorgeous. Luke was there to sign a deck Murse1 purchased at the show. Nice fellow. Don't 'cha wish your deck was hot like his?

Zeptonn's wild zoo was a delight to just stare at. So much going on! And I love how the vinyl art framed their sly decks.

Jeremyville's rock out characters had great messages to pass on =)

Josh Ellingson's "Laughing Squid" is another piece that just makes me smile.

Jessica Lopez, a.k.a. Uncommon Industries' Cutsie Penguin just makes u wanna sigh, aww...

You can see more fabulous pieces and purchase the Vinyl Art/Wall Decals and skate decks on Pop Cling's site.

Vinyl application has been getting popular these days. Wallpaper is also making a comeback, but it looks like the Vinyl Graphics aka Wall Decals are winning more people over due to its easy application. And don't let them restrict you to just your walls. Try them on your floors, ceiling, furniture, mirrors, drinking glasses...practically anywhere that needs embellishment. Peel, stick, and taa daa...a masterpiece! (but watch out if this isn't a permanent decor statement: different pieces have different adhesive strengths.)

Looking for more? Urban Outfitters has a few and Blik is another great source.

Scared of starting off so big and so permanent? Take baby steps...Check out the Hostess Blog's post about Blik's smaller removal decals.

(all pix are taken and edited by juligie. please contact for photo use.)

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