Friday, April 27, 2007

Comfortable Comfort Food

I never use to be a big fan of sushi. First of all, I don't really like fish, so the idea of eating them raw totally threw me off. I'm still not too big on the fishy taste of most seafood, but I have grown a liking to sushi... at least some sushi rolls. California rolls and spicy tuna rolls are among my favorites.

So why all this talk about sushi you ask? I just happened to come across this website, thanks to rye-uhn-air-ick, that sells sushi roll pillows! The Original Sushi Pillow was created by Mel Maghuyop and Cindy Tomm, two actors who thought of the idea while on the U.S. tour of Miss Saigon. Cindy thought it would be a neat idea to have pillow that looked like a California roll and after failed attempts to find one, Mel decided to make his own... the first sushi pillow was born.

How cool is that? Now, even those less adventurous folks who may be a little apprehensive about raw fish can enjoy sushi with other sushi lovers! I personally cannot wait until I can get my hands on one, maybe more, of these unique pillows to decorate my house, which already includes artwork from Tokidoki, Takashi Murakami, and several Dunnys. They'd also be perfect for decorating apartments, dorm rooms, or wherever really. Hand made using premium fabrics and a unique airbrushing technique, these pillows can be purchased for around $33-$69. The Original Sushi Pillow's menu of delectable pillows include:

Sushi Rolls [pictured: Tuna]

Nigiri Rolls [pictured: Ebi, Tuna]

Appetizers [pictured: Edamame]

To see the full menu and/or order one of these tasty pillows for yourself [or me], head over to The Original Sushi Pillow. Don't see your favorite sushi roll on the menu? Not a problem! The Original Sushi Pillow offers custom orders - just send them a picture and they'll do their best to replicate it.

Until my next obsession...


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