Monday, July 2, 2007

Luke Feldman joins the Madness & heads to SD!

Our pal, Luke Feldman got in touch with us to let us know that he too will be heading to the San Diego Comic Con this year. Remember his work from the Pop Cling Show?

He will be presenting an animation short entitled, "Who Saved the Moon" on Thursday July 26 in room 26AB. A preview of Who Saved the Moon can be views on his site.

Here's a snapshot from it...don't worry folks, it looks like this story has a happy ending.

Luke will also be at Urban Underground Vinyl Toy Network Show in San Diego, July 27th and 28th where he will be debuting a vinyl prototype of Mai, one of his gorgeous gals.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! His work is awesome. Good to know, he'll be at Comic-Con!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I met Luke at the last VTN show and he is such a nice guy and talented too.