Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hello, Barbie!

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After my Birthday Barbieque (like my play-on-words? hehe), Leslie, a pal of mine, was telling me the latest scoop on Barbie. She too is a Barbie fan and she told me the most coolest news:

Another big collabo is coming our way!

[she's in their fall catalog! photo courtesy of]

The Hello Kitty® Barbie® Doll is set to hit stores on September 14. It will be a pink label barbie, which means it does not have a "run" limit and should be found at most retailers, premiere destination to be at Walmart. Also, it can be purchased on

Golly, yet another thing to watch out for! I also can't wait for the Tokidoki & Hello Kitty Collabo too!

There was a Hello Kitty Barbie that was released before:
[photo courtesy amysvp1]
Looks super rare. Luckie....

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Nina said...

i just got that barbie catalog in the mail!