Monday, August 6, 2007


After a few days of resting and trying to get back to reality, I finally have a chance to post my recap on this year's Con 2007.

On the 27th, I had to take a midterm before I floored the pedal from Pomona back down to San Diego. Such bad timing. It was hard to keep focused cause I was so anxious to get to the comic mecca. Don't worry, though... I aced the test.

I hit downtown a little before 4pm and did my usual routine of parking at Horton Plaza and walking the 3 or so blocks to the convention center. I heard the crowd was massive earlier during the day, but it didn't seem so bad when I got there.

After picking up badges, I headed into the exhibit hall. It seemed like I was just there a day ago. The hall seemed the same as it was a year earlier. Not to mention the occasional smell of cumin in the air.

Never mind. That smell was body odor. Not mine, though. I shower everyday. Sometimes twice.

There were a few artists that I wanted to do sketches and get stuff signed from, but I didn't exactly have "stuff" with me. Next year, hopefully. Also, there were some panels that I wanted to hit up, but didn't wake up early enough to attend. I really need to adjust my sleeping pattern before fall quarter starts...

Enough jibba jabba. You want pictures, I know.

Another year, another Comic-Con...

I think the first booth I checked out was the super-deformed miniature sized version of Issac's art studio. A.K.A the Heroes booth. This camera guy from NBC wanted to get some interviews from some fans about their favorite character and episode of the show. This guy's favorite character? Horned Rimmed Glasses (but he said it all cool as "H-R-G"). His favorite episode? Company Man. How I remember this? I don't know.

I didn't wanna get on camera, so the homies Adrian and Liz did it instead.

Adrian looking dumbfounded when he mentioned that his favorite episode was from season 2. GOOD JOB, BUDDY! (He meant second part of season 1. Please, he's embarrassed enough already.)

Bounty Hunter "Skull kun".

These power rangers are a bunch of bloodz... Yeah, just like that. With a "z" at the end.

Mach 5. Pretty cool, but not enough leg room for me and Trixie.

still live and kickin'...

Some all-star vinyls from the Upper Deck booth...

Tom Brady

LeBron James


LaDainian Tomlinson. A must cop.

Some eastside SD cats... bears... whatever, that wanted to be on the blog. Here you go.

Some of this year's pickups...

A Pushead tee from Super7.

A Linda Tran. Just kidding. Don't let her pretty face and curvaceous body fool you. She's a hustler forreal. She even some how managed to sneak her card into my press badge. What in the world?!

The San Diego Race Queen Rei Ayanami Con 2007 exclusive as reported by JanuS SainT. Still in the box.

I also picked up one of those all white Chukanucka's from Ugly Doll for my niece, but I didn't get a chance to get a picture of it. For some reason all the Ugly Dolls at their booth were all white.

Throughout the 4 days, I was on the search for Yamato's Max Jenius VF-1A. I wasn't able to find one where the price was right. Or maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. I blame Linda for distracting me. Next year I'll find it and it will be mine. Murse1 needs to post up the stealth VF-1J he picked up for a steal. That thing is dope.

Like I said, another year, another Comic-Con. I'll come better prepared next year and hopefully no midterms fall around July 24, 2007. Anyway... that's it. Time to hit the books again. Yeah, right. I'm gonna watch the eastcoast feed of Saved by the Bell. LATERS DUDES!


Anonymous said...

haha! i LOVE it! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING ME THIS YEAR!!!! (: you're the best!!

stefrose said...

funny how you mention the distinct smell of comic-con goers.. judd apatow [dir. of superbad] said almost the exact same thing at his panel. something like "just because you're wearing a storm trooper costume doesn't mean you just get to fart all over the place."