Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tokidoki's Pretty Kittys [coming soon!]

Holy madness!
Because I was already delirious the past couple of days at the loony Comic Con and wanted to heighten my insane factor, I waited in line for two hours for a signature. yes. i know. i'm trippin' right? But don't worry, i had fun. I entertained myself by gettin' gangsta' on the jenius elite security f'tards. Know your roll sons! but i digress...

Comic Con-sters: Didya collect all FOUR Postcards of the Tokidoki Onitsuka Tigers during the Comic Con?
[exclusive pic taken by MURSE1
© All rights reserved. postcard collection provided by carmeL.]

...I've seen Simone Legno (the brains behind the Tokidoki obsession) plenty of times before and I have his signature already...but I just had to get my dang Deva's signed (post on that later.)

But, the wait was worth it. I got exclusive news! (I did it for you guys!!!)
I was able to chat with Simone about his new project with Asics on their Onitsuka Tiger line:

The Tokidoki Onitsuka Tiger line will consist of 4 designs containing the 4 tigers with 2 styles each -- a hightop and low top sneaker -- so that's a total of 8 shoes you need to collect! The line will be for both the fellas and chicas! The line is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2008 in Japan and USA. Simone said he has the Tokidoki-Onitsukas collabo prototypes sitting on his shelf next to his Devas and other tokidoki paraphernalia. I wanna see! Simone, house party at your house, yes? Tell Kaori! and okay, Ivan can come too. lemme know! ;)

hmmm...what will they look like?
Here are a couple of the past Onitsuka Tiger Line Styles...(maybe they'll use these???)

[pic courtesy of asics]

Yo, Simone, my badd. I thought the above postcards were of bears. Note to (slow) Self: those are actually tigers. Waka-waka-waka! duh, tigers for onitsuka tigers. like hello, they gots teeth like sabre-tooth tigers. ha, sorry simone. I'm really slow.

Thanks again Simone for the exclusive news!

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