Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Horvath is my Homie

After David Horvath (ya know, the "Uglydolls Dude" whose stuff I've written about how many times?) doodled a little Babo and Ice Bat in my notebook at his Giant Robot signing on Saturday, I asked if he could take a picture with our [Okee Dorkee] logo. Yee!

It's kinda weird 'cause people like him (artists who create super awesome things) are like celebrities to me, so I was super nervous when I asked. I mean, I did a friggin speech on the Uglydoll company for my communications class last year (and got an A)!!! But he was really nice :D

I swear, my fingers were all shaky when I was handing him my card . . . he probably thinks I'm a nerd. I guess he'd be right :P

If you guys haven't checked out any of his stuff (or his wife/Uglydolls co-creator Sun Min Kim's things), what are you waiting for??? You'll thank me later. Chronicle Books have produced some really sweet Uglydolls stationary, notebooks, address books, postcards, etc.

But anywho, don't forget to check back with us and all the things we've seen, done, and bought at Comic Con! Like I said before, we got lots to write about. Lots.

[Babo with Horvath's doodles courtesy of me]

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