Monday, May 14, 2007

My Foolproof Blind Box

I really don't like the concept of Blind Boxes. If I know what toy I want, why can't I have the choice? I'm a consumer who wants what I want. Why must I leave it all to fate? I don't wanna get stuck with some bunk-looking toy. I want the super-duper cool one! (hee hee, boo-hoo, right?)

Well, if you are like me and hate surprises, you can't go wrong with this Hello Kitty hang tag Blind Box. Really, when does Hello Kitty look bad? Never! My BF got me one at Mitsuwa Marketplace in San Diego. There are five possible styles: Pula Loli Hello Kitty, Lolita, Punk, Gothic, and a Variant one (according to the box, this Hello Kitty would have a heart-shaped eye patch!)

The style I got was Hello Kitty Punk. I love the detail...her stitched top hat, lil punk rawk tie, striped lil knee highs, her black armband that screams rebel, and of course the trademark bow. She's made of plastic and all her limbs 'move' when in motion. She's my purse charm for now, but I think I might convert her to a necklace. OH, the possibilities...

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