Tuesday, May 15, 2007

$#!T I got at the Vinyl Toy Network Show

Que pasa putos,

Just wanted to show you a couple of fresh finds I got when Juligie, Janus Saint, and I went to the Vinyl Toy Network Spring 2007 Show in Pasadena, CA two weekends back. I would have posted this earlier if I had a digital camera and didn’t live in the dark ages, but lucky for you I finally decided to step out of my dark cave and purchase a D200 which arrived this past Wednesday.

The first booth I went to was Super7 (aka Super7 International Toy Pirates). Super7 resides in San Francisco, my former city of employment. Super7 had lots of different Japanese vinyl toys and t-shirts. The one thing that caught my eye and that I had to have was a t-shirt of one of the greatest animes of all time, Akira. It’s Kaneda in his classic pose braking sideways with his motorcycle. Nothing fancy, just a simple red and orange silhouette of the bad ass.

The second thing I got was a pair of Nike Air Max 1 Skull Pack Edition from Tradition. Tradition is based out in Westlake, CA and sells various vinyl toys and kicks for you urban junkies. I got the shoes for 45 dollars (show special) so that was a no brainer...I had to cop’em, nah mean!?!?

All in all it was a pretty dope show. Lots of toys--even though I didn’t even buy any HA!--and lots of other things like art and clothing. For more on the show, check out Janus Saint's review.

Esta Bien? Orale Pues.

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Unknown said...

sickness. the air max 90/360 hybrids are sick too.