Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Exclusive News from Cameron Tiede!

You may remember Cameron Tiede from our past post from the Pop Cling Show. He contacted us to let us know about his upcoming Projects.

Cameron is one of the artists featured in The Star Wars Celebration next week in Los Angeles May 24-28 (remember, Carmel wrote about Star Wars' 30th Anniversary on a past post?) Cameron paid homage to those Star Wars characters we've grown to love (and hate) and painted his rendition of the cast on a life size Darth Vader Replica Helmet!
He also has work featured at San Francisco's Gallery 1988 show, "The Onset" (which starts today and runs until June 16th) and will be a part of the artists lineup at this weeks show, "Vinyl Elements" hosted by Vinyl Pulse at Barracuda in L.A. this Thursday.

AND (yes, he's quite the busy bee lately) he has a Blind Box TV Guy toy being released this month through Kaching Brands.

Thanks Cameron for the inside scoop! =D

(All featured images courtesy of Cameron Tiede)

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