Wednesday, May 16, 2007

scale weapons for scale skrimishes!

The World Weapon Collection by Hot Toys are a set of 1/6 scale weapons that serve as accessories for 1/6 scale 12 inch figures (like GI Joes and other military figures). However these weapons are so painstakingly detailed that they are collectibles in themselves. Even their scopes, mounts, and magazines are detachable and movable. The attention to realism make you wonder if they fire little bullets!

If you're a gun nut like myself you'll appreciate the wide selection and very modern upgrades they have put in the gun setups. They come packaged in blind boxes and include two little fruity gumballs for you to chew on as you contemplate the irony of these tiny, almost cute killing machine replicas. There are 9 different rifles in all: a P90TR (my most wanted out of the set), SIG SG552 Seals, AK-109, FA-MAS 5.56 F1, H&K G36C, H&K PSG-1, FN-FAL L1A1, a M4-SIR, and one 'secret': Maschinen Gewehr MG 42 (see below).

They even come complete with little gun racks to display them in! As you can see, I found the rare MG by chance! However this luck is flipped as I picked up two FAMAS rifles!

I picked these bad boys up from a Japanese shop at LA's Little Tokyo. They are also available at Hobby Link Japan in unopened display box sets or pre-opened individually at Echo Base Toys.

©2007 JS3
I think these are great contrasted with colorful characters in a vinyl toy collection: Here I juxtapose the cold realism of the rifles with a fun Doma Acid Sweeties "Happy Capsule!" Awesomeness overload!

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