Sunday, October 19, 2008

Things are looking ugly at Double Punch

Things @ Double Punch

Quirky Kaiju, bossy bears, cake eating spiders, and dolls so ugly they're charming have taken over Double Punch's gallery space in "Things." The show is a collection of, er, things that Uglydoll creators Sun Min Kim and David Horvath have created over the past 7 years since launching Uglydolls. Other works in "Things" include Bossy Bear, LittleBony, Choco & Minty, etc. 

Many of the items on display are extremely rare and long sold out. Have you seen the LittleBony DVD or CD at your local Best Buy? Nope? Uh-huh. I thought not.

The show ends Nov. 2. Admission is $2 for adults and $1 for kids (under 14), plus you get a little gift too (refund if you purchase something). 

And sold exclusively at DP (and their webstore) for "Things" is the Lonely Otaku print for $50. This print is a limited run of 50.

Things @ Double Punch
Uglydoll's actually got a really sweet love story. Read about it here.

Things @ Double Punch
David and Sun Min Qee figures.

Things @ Double Punch
Coca Cola bottle caps sold in Japan, circa 2005.

Things @ Double Punch
Uglydoll vinyl toys, circa 2004. These were manufactured by the now defunct toy company Critterbox.

Things @ Double Punch
The aforementioned LittleBony DVD and CD. Little Bony is actually a kids show that aired in Japan.

Things @ Double Punch
Sun Min's Spider-Boom pink Qee, Circus Punk, and Baby-Boom prototypes.

Things @ Double Punch
Various Choco vinyl figures.

Things @ Double Punch
The merchandise table included a ton of Uglydoll plushes in mini and big forms, keychains, blind-boxed LittleBonys, Ugly Guide series, and Uglydoll notebooks.

I picked up a mini Moxy. She's magenta. I had to. And she matched my outfit that day too. 

Anywho, to see more things be sure to go --> here

Till next time, keep it dorky, folks.

[All photos courtesy of NiNa]

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