Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hip Hostess Series in Los Angeles...part two: the hotel

[a large, playful SLS logo seen on the private guest entrance]

The long, cold trip [yes, fifty-nine degrees is cold to us ;) ] was worth it! The SLS Hotel was more gorgeous in person! It is as Jenn described it --- a grown-up take on Alice in Wonderland. But this ain't yo mama's Alice. This Alice is pushing tea time outta her schedule and booking it permanently with cocktail hour.

[Bazaar Blanca Terrace. a patio area to the left of the main entrance. makes waiting for valet fun!]

Designed by Philippe Starck, no corner was left untouched. The interior blends with the exterior and the meticulous attention to detail is seen throughout. Adorned with whimsical statues, over-sized decor and magnificent textures, it's a miracle if you leave without feeling inspired. It took me awhile to pick my jaw off the ground.

[over-sized welcome mat to the main entrance -- rug with poem by Paul Eluard]

[huge piggy statue and huge mirror to the right of the main entrance]

[through the main doors, this area sits to the left.]

[as you walk through the main doors, your are greeted with a full bar. isn't that the best greeter? you had me at bar. Bazaar Bar Centro.]

[Private Guest Lobby - Tres Bar. another great sitting area where you can grab drinks or eat. the hotel is dimly lit, but we brighten the above photo to show detail.]

[love the decor in this sitting area...leather, mixed woods, cool lamp accents. hard to not fall in love with the lit buck over the fireplace!]

[a tucked away, intimate sitting area. love the dripping chandelier!]

[the private guest entrance area off to the right of the main entrance. reinvents the definition of outdoor furniture.]

[our favorite room -- it's at the end of the hall in the Tres Bar -- an all black room with silver accents. Decor that won us over: a mallet, whip, some dumbbells and mirrored walls and ceiling; its totally a room to discuss who was gonna get the're fired! Mwuahhahaha...]

Check out other cool areas of this hotel that we weren't able to venture here.
Next up, our main feature...your look inside the
Hip Hostess Series which will include Jenn's decor ideas, Chambord recipes and tips for your Old Hollywood Glam themed party!

[niche in the foyer where the hwtm series was being held.]

[click photos to enlarge. photography by O K E E d O R K E E.]


Anonymous said...

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You don't fit in with SLS.

Anonymous said...

Save it HATER. You're comparing two different types of blogs.

I bet you haven't even been the to the SLS. >P

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I have you Nerd. Why hate when the truth is only spoken? >p

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Gie, why don't you post your real name instead of fakin "dorkee grupee 4life"? We know there are NOOO groupies for this blog!

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Dorkee grupee, thanks for the support it's good to know that there are people out there who really have our back. It's unfortunate to know that there are suckas out there who have nothing better to do with their sorry fucking life.

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