Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dorkus Amongus!

Janus Saint here, and so starts my first post! Well technically, if you really want to get dorky, this is my second post as i scribed the Okee Dorkee intro post! I'm excited to jump into this pool of awesomeness that we call Okee Dorkee. To get the ball rolling, let me explain some of my beginnings to give you a sense of my writing style as well of what sparks my interests...

I was born in the early 80's living in an era of dorkiness. To give you some background, let me share some early memories of how my interests got started:

Gaming and Gadgets: The Nintendo Entertainment System -
I was initially hesitant to play super mario bros. because i was scared to control something that could perish by my 4 year old hands (this case being Mario running into a goomba) while observing my sister Gie, who raised the controller as Mario jumped (motion control didn't come out yet sis!). So I stuck to clay shooting in duck hunt. And yes, my sisters and I got THE set for Christmas 1985: THE DELUXE SET. That means R.O.B. with gyromite, duck hunt, super mario bros. ALL on SEPARATE GamePaks, and the GRAY Zapper, not this 2-in-1 gamepak or orange zapper Action Set mumbo jumbo!

Movies and Music: MTV music videos
I spent a good deal of the 80's trying to copy the legendary Michael Jackson in his prime along with his moves. There are many instances where I've spun myself dizzy in circles while singing like Mike in the 'Bad' video. I even sung "I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it!" to DeeDee Magno from The Party (extra Dorkee points to you if you know who I'm talking about. MMC!) in my next door neighbor's party. WHO'S BAD?

Customization and Collecting: Cartoons and Toys!
Yup, Saturday mornings were all about eating the lucky charms and watching the cartoons which were mainly to sell the toys that showed during the commercials in between (need more Dorkee points? do you remember the cartoon bumpers on ABC where the claymation cowboy would sing "after these messages we'll be right back" and whistles for his horse which lands on top of him? Dorkee points if you comment on what the horse does after he lands on the cowboy!).
Any who, it was all about the GI Joe cartoon and the 3.5 inch toys! The cards in the back with the stats, the mono colored weapons and backpacks, and the awesome paintings of the all over the card. I liked Cobra the best because no bad assery compares to their high tech faceless helmets, but the GI Joes had the awesome uniqueness from one another. So what GI Joe toys started was my passion for customization: upon discovery of a Phillips screwdriver I removed that single screw from their backs and mixed figures' arms, legs, and heads to create Vipers with Joes' bodies - the best of both worlds!

So those are my GGMMCCs: Just a taste of my upbringings you can see the origins of my tastes. Thanks to my childhood interests I have become a visual artist, a filmmaker, a motion graphics designer, a collector, a gamer, and, most of all, a dork that just loves anything that inspires fun!

-Janus Saint
P.S, you can call me Jay, Mr. Saint if you're nasty

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bomitoni said...

did someone say deedee magno...from THE PARTY!!! they were my teenage obsession from 1990-1993!!!