Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Guide to Uglyness

2008 is going to be quite an ugly year . . . I mean that in a good and very strangely cute way though. 

Uglydolls just launched their brand spankin' new site! Go around Uglytown with Babo and shop, read the blog, participate on the forum, download wallpapers and icons, and [coming soon] play games.

Also out right now are Cinko (who got a bit of a makeover) and Sun-Tan Target. Later on in the year, five new Uglydolls will be added to the family including Puglee, Ugly Ghost, Poe, Babo's Bird, and Plunko. All of these guys come straight from the pages of the Ugly Guides.

"What dat?" you ask? 

The Ugly Guides are a set of books (The Ugly Guide to the Uglyverse, Ugly Guide to Thing That Should Go and Things That Should Go But Don't) that'll show you the world of Uglydolls -- where they eat, what hospital they go to when they get boo-boos, where they go to get some R&R, and what each Ugly is all about. Those books will be released on April 22.

For more news on Uglydolls, be sure to check out their newly vamped site and co-creator David Horvath's blog.

Back L-R: Puglee, Ugly Ghost, Poe, Babo's Bird, and Plunko.

CinkoSun Tan Target
L-R: Cinko and Sun-Tan Target

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