Thursday, February 14, 2008

Have a GUTSY Singles Awareness Day!

While the coupled lovers will be peddling chocolates and roses on V-day, that doesn't mean the single ones can't get GUTSY and try their HEART-EST (turbopuns!) to join in the love! Heres a few awesome heartsy stuff of that both camps could appreciate today!

Drop the heart-shaped boxes and literally give your valentine your heart!

I HEART GUTS features plush versions of different organs, but you can't go wrong with an anatomically correct heart! These beaty bad boys are also available through our buddies at Munky King.

For those with a little more heart, I HEART GUTS also features some heart art. Check these hand made embroidered hearts, including a heart of gold for the kindhearted ones or the black heart for the jaded!

For those who like to sport their hearts on their sleeve, theres many different styles of shirts available, including the embroidered heart polo, currently on clearance!

As for myself, I'll be sporting my Bleeding Heart black tee by Craig Brickles, still available at

Happy St. Valentines Day lovers and fighters!

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Nina said...

Yay! We're all blogging again :D