Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Simone makes house calls!

[photo courtesy of extreme makeover]

Didya catch Sunday's Extreme Makeover Home Edition?
Our friend, Simone Legno, helped out the Extreme Makeover crew and created the coolest room ever. Ok, so i'm biased =P
[photo courtesy of extreme makeover]

Simone, along with the crew of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, came out to help the O'Donnell Family. Five out of their six children have multiple forms of autism that range from simple communication limitations to severe physical and social problems. The mother stays at home while the father works two jobs to keep the family (barely) afloat. Before the Extreme Makeover Crew came, the O'Donnell's had thirty days left until foreclosure. =/
[photo courtesy of extreme makeover]
Simone created a greek themed, tokidoki-esque room for one of the girls. Doesn't Simone's version of Medusa look fierce!? And oh, the cute Centaur! They also threw in some tokidoki swag for the lucky little girl to enjoy! Yay! =)

Seen in the pillar book shelf: Mozzarella, Sabochan, Sandy vinyl figures, and a LeSportsac Bambino Mini Bag (was she given a brand new print???)
[ photos courtesy of extreme makeover, tokidoki, kawaii.vox, arranged by me =) ]

thanks to reader, Kimboy, for the heads up =)

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