Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tokyo Jihen - Killer Tune (08.22)

"Killer Tune((キラーチューン)", the latest single to be released off of Tokyo Jihen's upcoming album Variety, will be released on August 22nd.

The single will contain three tracks:
  1. Killer Tune (Lyrics: Shiina Ringo, Music: Izawa Ichiyou)
  2. BB. Queen (Lyrics and Music: Ukigumo)
  3. Karada (Lyrics: Shiina Ringo. Music: Ukigumo)
I picked up Tokyo Jihen's other recent single release "OSCA" and I have to say that they definitely stepped it up since their last album release two years ago. The difficulty to label or place Tokyo Jihen into any one genre is about 10 stars in Street Fighter II...possibly harder since you'll fail anyway. This is one of the reasons why I was attracted to Shiina Ringo and later Tokyo Jihen in the first place. Shiina Ringo is such a trip and so eccentric in a way that she leaves me wanting more (what a tease she is). I swear, if I can find a girl with the same swagger and steez as Ringo I will be one happy man. Currently taking applications. HA!

Make your order for the single or pre-order Variety here.

Killer Tune PV:

Special hello to "anonymous." You know which one you are. BLAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Vegetarian Ham said...

Another Shiina Ringo fan! Picked up the new Tokyo Jihen album yet? It is amazing...