Monday, August 20, 2007

Under the Blacklight

[Photo Courtesy of Rilo Kiley]

After three years of waiting since their last album More Adventurous, Rilo Kiley is back! Their fourth album, and major label debut, Under the Blacklight drops on Tuesday, August 21.

When I first heard the album's first single, "The Moneymaker", I have to say I was confused on whether I liked it or not. Sure the hook was catchy and it made my head bob, but it just didn't sound like the Rilo Kiley I was so used to -- folky, kinda rockish, and serene-like. Some fans might even call them sellouts, but not I!

"The Moneymaker" has grown on me and after previewing Under the Blacklight's 11 tracks on Rilo Kiley's MySpace, I'm comfortable to say they're still the Rilo Kiley I've grown to love oh-so-much :)

I almost feel like this album should've been called More Adventurous because they've experimented with electro beats, soul-singin' back up vocalists, and even have a few uptempo numbers -- there's even one with some Spanish ("Dejalo")! The two tracks I like most are "Silver Lining" and "Breakin' Up". That'll probably change once I listen to it more.

If you haven't heard of Rilo Kiley before (where've ya been?), I suggest you check out their first 3 albums: Take Offs and Landings, The Execution of All Things, and the aforementioned More Adventurous.

For now, check out the music video for "The Moneymaker":

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