Friday, August 3, 2007

Heroes: Origins and World Tour

Heroes fans, rejoice! We have something else to look forward to when our favorite show returns on September 24. NBC has ordered more episodes of the show for season 2 and will debut Heroes: Origins which is somewhat of a spin-off of the show.

Origins will be a six-part series which will introduce a brand new character and their back story in each episode. The characters will be set in the Heroes universe, but none of their storylines will go into Heroes' main story arc. However, some regulars might pop up.

To add more to the excitement (yes, MORE!), when the six episodes are over, fans will get to vote which character will get to move onto the next season of Heroes -- or should I say make "the list"?

At Comic Con, it was announced that Kevin Smith will write and direct the first episode of Origins. But there isn't any word on when they will be debuting the quasi spin-off. I'm hoping it's when they take their little mini-break during mid season so we're not left in a complete and utter dryspell like last time, don'tcha think?

And later this summer, Heroes will be conquering the world thanks to Nissan ["Nissan Versa!" haha, get it? No? Watch the show then!] In anticipation of the DVD coming out August 28 and the season premiere, the cast and creators of Heroes will be traveling the globe to promote the show.

The schedule is as follows:

- Monday, August 27: Munich and Tokyo
- Tuesday, August 28: Paris, Tokyo, and New York City
- Wednesday, August 29: Paris and Hong Kong

- Thursday, August 30: London
- Friday, August 31: London, Singapore, and Toronto
- Saturday, Sept. 1: London, Singapore, and Toronto

What? No Los Angeles or San Francisco?!?! Urgh!!! Oh well. It'd be during school anyway.

If you need to catch up or simply need to get a Heroes fix, check out their official spot on NBC's website to read the digital graphic novel, see interviews, buy Heroes swag (like the 2008 calendar), watch episodes from season 1 and more.

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