Thursday, August 2, 2007

So Close... Yet So Far

Since the special series premiere at Comic Con 2006, Heroes has skyrocketed in popularity... as if it wasn't already getting enough buzz last year! Back then, they had an exclusive release comic book along with the special 73min series premiere. I missed out on all the Heroes goodness last time because it all happened the one day that I didn't go to the Con. Oh well...

This year, NBC did not disappoint their Heroes following, offering more exclusives and a panel with the entire cast! Unfortunately, I missed that panel too... I failed to hear that people could stay in the ballroom where the panel was being held all morning leading up until the Heroes one. Which means that people who were there for the very first panel of the morning could stay in the room as long as they wanted. So we waited in line for 2hrs in vain because they could only let in as many people as there were people leaving... which was practically none. Boo... wish I had gotten that memo!

I did, however, come across one of the Comic Con Exclusives the Heroes booth was passing out at random. Believe it or not, it was leaning against the wall next to a trash can in one of the hallways! There was another exclusive being handed out at the booths - another comic book - but I didn't even know about that until the Con was over. As I mentioned, these were handed out at random - you just had to be lucky enough to be at their booth when they were being passed out... or come across it chillin' somewhere on the floor. Us unlucky ones will have to shell out some money on eBay now... blah!

[picture taken by carmeL]

And if you were in the same boat as me and couldn't get into the panel (or weren't able to go to the Con) you can find clips from the panel online at the NBC/Heroes page. But don't forget to check back here for more updates on Heroes exclusives from the Con!

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