Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hello Kitty: For Big Girls

Girls all over the world have been rockin' Hello Kitty gear since the little feline with a [adorable] big head made her debut in 1976. But some of us have grown older and just don't want to say "Bye-Bye Kitty" . . . so what alternatives do we have? Some of the merchandise at Sanrio, like purses and several t-shirts, we just can't seem to get away with them like we did back in elementary school.

But here's a grown up solution: Jewelry!

A few years ago, jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino was invited by Sanrio to partake in a collaboration featuring Hello Kitty on her brightly colored necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and hair-clips. The "Pink Head" collection, which she designed to have Hello Kitty with her signature fuchsia hair, was made and since then, she has come out with a few series including Pink Head Mod, Pink Head Bride, Pink Head Rose, and various others including my personal fave Russian Nouveau.

And coming soon, a collaboration with Tokidoki is on it's way! I first found out about it when I saw this picture on the Tokidoki blog in early March:

And on a recent trip I took to their website, Tokidoki posted this picture:

I love how Hello Kitty is wearing the heart and crossbones instead of her regular ribbon. And she's right smack-dab in the middle of the Nana and Adios star -- so cute! I'll definitely keep you guys posted about the Hello Kitty vs. Tokidoki collection just as soon as more info about it is released.

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