Friday, June 1, 2007

Jessica and Terry for GQ

While at Ralph's looking for a cake for a homie's birthday (happy birthday, Glenn Gimme-A-Towel), I spotted the June issue of O - The Oprah Magazine. When I was about to pick it up and flip through the pages to find out more about panty intervention, my peripheral vision caught sight of the new issue of GQ. To grace the cover is none other than Pomona born Jessica Alba. Yezzir, the Dark Angel and Flipper star herself. In a swimsuit by Dolce & Gabbana, Ms. Alba fills it in like the cream in your twinkie. Hands down amaaaazing.
Not to mention, these shots were taken by Terry Richardson in the tempting Terry Richardson style. Whether you browse the pages during class in the middle of a lecture or on the john dropping 5 pounds, the article itself is a good read and it truely shows the modesty and reservation Alba has unlike some other Hollywood 20-somethings.

My favorite...

Put away the lotion and stop typing with one hand and go out and get a copy for yourself. It'll be the best $4 you'll spend this month other than your normal 8 tacos from Jack-in-the-Box. Also, you'll find the technique for perfect grilled fish, a variety of white canvas sneaks for this summer (more optic white chucks please), Travis Barker and Tony Hawk on being cool dads, and that Mac kid, Justin Long in a variety of cotton suits. Not like the last one matters to me or anything...

If you so happen to be in Japan or in New York, check out Uniqlo for Terry Richardson's contribution to the UT (Uniqlo T-Shirt) Project.

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Unknown said...

man, you sure know a lot about what goes on with masturbation and stuff. How many words can you type a minute with one hand?