Thursday, May 1, 2008

Quasi Super Vomit of a Post

Yes, I know it has been quite some time since my last post. The time in between then and now I was probably living in the library study room with 8 or so other guys going over things such as cost-benefit analysis, 1/2mv², amount of distance a spring may compress as a 50 lb head smashes against it, and maybe even how to use a new TI-89 Titanium Graphing Calculator...

Other than my cell phone and baby wipes, I use this thing practically everyday. The simultaneous equation solver (a basic matrix), and polynomial root finder (quadratic equation solver) make finding variables much, much easier. Not to mention the Notefolio program helps when your 3"x5" card just isn't enough. Nahmean?

With Claudio's (Coheed and Cambria) new comic Kill Audio, Evil Ink Comics in conjunction with VinylCut will release a 7" figure of a super stabbed Claudio. A bloody variant will also be released. On top of that, a SECRET LIMITED variant will be released at none other than... you know... the San Diego Comic-Con.

Have YOU seen the second episode of Macross Frontier? I still haven't seen it, but I thought the first episode was good enough to make me feel that I should continue the series.

I thought the reworked version of Do You Remember Love? was a nice touch. NOSTALGIA, son...

By the way, I'm looking for this shirt. Apparently they only sold them in Akihabara in Japan during some huge anime festival or whatever. Not sure where else to get them or who I can proxy them from. Some one, please help me out. I think I may be a size LARGE in these tees.

Anyone? Help?

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