Friday, May 2, 2008

Knowing is half the Battle...

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What 'cha know about them G.I. Joe's?
I stumbled upon this hilarious game last night as I was looking for more info about the live action G.I. Joe Movie that is slated to be released in 2009.

So until then, relive your childhood (did i just date myself??) and play "Do you Know Your G.I.Joe?"

Pick your team:
G.I. Joe

I love the Family Feud-esque set!
All questions are inspired by the 80s cartoon tv show, G.I. Joe. You are given 10 questions. You get them right, you earn 100 points but if you get them wrong, the opposing team earns 100 points.

The contestants are the original 80s G.I. Joe action figures. The makers of the grand game show them in different poses -- waving hands in the air when they (you) get an answer right, pounding their fists on their poduim when you get the answer wrong. There are plenty other "wtf" moments that will keep you entertained (ok, maybe just me. wha...Cobra Commander doing the wave?!?)
and at the end of the show, watch them mingle ;)

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