Thursday, April 10, 2008


Gama-Go wants to open a flagship store of their own in San Francisco, but they need your help in order to make it happen!


"But how can I be of assistance?" you ask.

That's simple. Go buy stuff on their website

They're having some mad sales and crazy-good offers. Right now, if you buy one hoodie you get the other half off (whichever one is the most expensive they'll cut that price in half)! This offer is good until April 30.


And while you're gettin' your shop on, check out the Mysterious Fortune packs. For $40, $60, or $90 you can order a pack full of Gama-Go goodies: apparel, accessories, stickers, buttons, etc -- items are selected by Gama-Go so it's all a surprise. The only thing you need to do is specify your size and whether you want the package to have men's or women's stuff.

Um . . . I know our blog is awesome and all, but stop reading. Start shopping!

[Photos are property of Gama-Go]

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