Monday, April 21, 2008

Bag o' Green

I was going through this Sunday's newspaper (yup, I'm ancient and don't read my news online) and noticed the trendy propaganda everywhere to 'Go Green.' Who says propaganda is bad? I say anything to help pimp out the message that we need to help out mama earth is fine with me. Even adding another kinda fake holiday. Move over Valentine's and St. Patrick's day, Earth Day is about the blow you out. Hopefully =)

So one of the things I fell for was the promo at Home Depot. They are offering a FREE reusable tote to anyone. No purchase necessary. Don't 'cha just LOVE FREE stuff??? They also have dedicated a section of ways to help your home become more greener. I love that it's in beige and underneath the green imprinted earth it says "home improvement." (see above photo)

Also promoting reusable totes is Macy's. Their totes are $3.95 with a dollar of it going towards to the National Park Foundation. (see below)

Every store nowadays have their own version of reusable totes. Pick 'em up and don't forget to use it =)

Happy Earth Day Eve!

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