Monday, October 15, 2007

Sara Bareilles

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[Photo by NiNa]

Well over a month ago, I met up with carmeL to see Sara Bareilles, an up-n-coming-freakishly-talented new artist, at the Virgin Megastore for her in-store performance and signing. Remember I said I'd write about it in another blog (a long, long time ago)? Anywho, It didn't start until 1:00, so my friend, Ashley, and I figured we'd go back to Virgin around 11:30ish so we could get a good spot -- but no one was even there yet! Except we got to see Sara and her two bandmates setting up shop. So basically we got to see them do soundcheck. It was flippin' sweet and she sounded amazing. Seriously, this girl's got a set of crazy pipes on her.

All in all, her performance was awesome, she was a sweetheart (I forgot to ask to take a picture with her and then she saw me off on the side and told me to come over to take one!), and starting tomorrow, October 16, she will be featured on VH1 as a You Oughta Know Artist. Keep an eye out for her and her debut single "Love Song".
I knew she was gonna get huge and carmeL predicted the same thing!

For more pictures from the in-store performance/signing, check them out on my Flickr page.

And here are those two performances I said I would put on here:

"Love Song"


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