Thursday, October 11, 2007

RETSIRHC's Weekly 5 - Week 10/07

It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I'd try something new every week. Basically, I'll be listing my weekly 5 things that are doing it for me at the moment.


I stumbled across State of Mind when I heard a funk mix Cros1 (The Armory) did on Jazz 88 radio in SD. Actually, I've been listening to a lot of mixes lately and a couple of my favorites are on the State of Mind podcast. Check out SOM_PODCAST1.mp3 to hear SmallyBiggs do a mash up of The Knife's "Heartbeats" and Kanye's "Get 'Em High."$$$!!!!

2. Pure Blue Japan

The PBJ-XX005BK is quite possibly the toughest pair of denim I've ever owned. I got a pair back in June from SoHo New York denim specialty shop Blue in Green. Initially in their raw state, BiG offered to one wash these free of charge so I could wear 'em outta the box! For those who aren't denim afficionados, the jeans in their raw, unwashed state are actually bigger than tagged size and usually require a hot soak and wash to shrink them down. The 14oz denim on these joints are super slubby. I couldn't put too much wear into these during the summer cause it was too damn hot. Since the weather has been fairly nice lately, I've been trying to wear these at least 3 times a week. So far the fades are subtle, but I hope they turn out just as the indigo ones do.

3. Visvim G.Cowan Hi

Remember those Visvim Kiefers awhile back that I posted about? Remember how I said that I'd consider getting a pair? Hopefully for cheap? Well, I wasn't able to get the exact pair of Kiefers, BUT I did manage to find a pair of the Visvim G-Line Cowans. The G-Line is Visvim's American line so-to-speak. These are basically your vulcanized hi-top sport shoe with improvements in its cushioning making that statement of having to sacrifice comfort for fashion obsolete. Thanks to Vincent for hooking me up with this pair.

4. Canon Digital Rebel XTi

My new toy. I haven't asked for a new toy since 3-3/4" G.I Joes. So far I'm having lots of fun with it. Be sure to look out for some of my snaps that I take. Those will be posted somewhere. Maybe. No promises. First, let me find time to play with it.

5. Turning 21

(Not my birthday cake. I have no idea who these women are.)

This explains my new toy. I hope Edison Chen and Toni Braxton got new toys too.

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