Friday, July 20, 2007

Visvim Kiefer Mid No.5

Hiroki Nakamura and the Visvim folk have unveiled the newest style of the Kiefer Mid.

(images from star-j.)

Like all other things Visvim, you can definitely expect some quality workmanship. To the naked eye, they might just seem like some chuck knock-offs, but trust, Visvim puts their own twist on things as far as design and wear.

The Kiefer's vulcanized sole allows for a lightweight shoe as the leather quilting and cotton uppers allow for some volume. Quilting is hand stitched by the way.

If these shoes have the same comfort as the Newton Mids, then I possibly might consider finding a pair... hopefully for cheap (yeah right).

2 comments: said...

Great shoes (want them :D) said...

Dont want them anymore ;) *need more money:P