Thursday, August 16, 2007

LOVE ghosts?

[Disclaimer: Ok, so I know I have been lagging to write this post, but really I have a good reason. I'm not going to blame it on having regular work, freelance work, everyday life events, being pooped from the con, getting sick, celebrating my birthday, or being out of town away from the computer. Nor will I remind you all that we write for okeedorkee as a hobby. The reason why I lagged is because, I am scared of ghosts. I usually write my posts at nite and yes, I am a fraidycat. so I can't explore the ghost whisperer website as far as I like to or even check out the promo disk I was given at the con. Even with the sound off, I still get scared of the images. So, bare with me and I will promise to try really super duper hard to watch the promo disk and go on the website during the day right after work. soon. sooner than later. so sorry again. forgive me? love you! ok, now back to our regularly scheduled program...]

If you do, these people are ready to scare the bejhesus outta ya. Ok, ok, they don't want you to be too scared...just be aware. (o_O) OoOoOoOooOOoOO....
[l to r: kim moses, justin fisher, jennifer love hewitt, ian sander. photo taken by MURSE1 © All rights reserved.]

Executive producers, Kim Moses and Ian Sander, Web dude, Justin Fisher, and miss star actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt gathered with us press peeps to discuss the cool new stuff to expect from The Ghost Whisperer at the Comic Con this year.

People, people! It's not just a tv show anymore. You too can take part in the haunting storyline with Melinda. Fans have a chance to dig deeper into the story. We are encourage to head online and experience the journey inside the underworld and see for ourselves what goes on at The Other Side. The Other Side is a spin-off of The Ghost Whisperer and is an all new Web-based series that shows you the world through the eyes of ghosts. There are webisodes that only viewers can see online! And who knows, your favorite webisode character might be seen on The Ghost Whisperer.

More ghost whisperer to come. promise. =)

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