Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Play with Ghosts! yay.

[photo taken by MURSE1 © All rights reserved.]

Ok, as promised, I went through the promo reel I got and ok, not too scary. but I did have to turn on light (mind you, the sun has not set yet. but hey, i'm home alone, so there =P)

Anyhoo, what is really cool about The Ghost Whisperer is it is more than just a show. Their website alone is entertaining. There are tons of stuff to check out on their site. Like, ask a real ghost whisperer questions, tarot card reading and look into a crystal ball where your fate can be told. The tarot card reading and crystal ball feature will also be a bonus feature in their upcoming Second Season DVD due out on September 18.

[ok, see? Doesn't this scream scary??]
So I built up the courage to roam their site (so what if i have my computer on mute? Hey, you want a story, right? ha, gotta do what i gotta do to get things done) and played the Tarot Card feature, and golly (juli) gie willikers, chills...chills i say (even on a hot cali day.) My fortune was all too true.
[my scary tarot reading.]
okay, besides the headless flying woman wearing white (see, i told you it's scary!) the fortune was right on point with what is going on in my life...dun dun dunnnn....
it says:
"The Winged Woman hovers, wings fully extended. They keep her aloft, yet her clothes tether her. Recognize things in your life that hold you back. Then cut loose = Free Yourself!"
ayemen sista!!!

Try it out and let me know how your Tarot Card Reading goes.

Still more later...
(ha, the sun is setting...haha. yes, i'm a chicken. and?)

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