Friday, July 6, 2007

Double Punch

In 2004, the online retail store Ningyoushi opened up shop with Double Punch in San Francisco. Before heading to the Shooting Gallery for the Shag show, my friends and I stopped by Double Punch to check out the goodies they had to offer, and boy did we find ourselves in oh-so-cute-things nirvana.

Double Punch has a vast array of Japanese and Western toys (vinly, plastic, plush -- you name it), stationary, art books, art prints, t-shirts, baby clothes, and accessories. Tokidoki, Blythe, Gama-Go, Pinky Street, Uglydolls . . . soooo many things to name and list! It's absolutely ridonculous -- in a good way :)

The first floor of the store is filled with art books, tons of little Kubrick figures and little mini toys lined along the upper walls, display cases showing off vinyl toys and tables with little blind-boxed tokens from here [America] and Asia. There were even little do-dads from Hong Kong Disneyland (sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it)! I let out audible Oohs and Ahs every other second because I kept seeing things I wanted!

Bearbricks, Domokuns, and Gloomies . . . oh my!

Wall of art

Venom and Spiderman figures

A batch of Mini Uglys!

On the upper level, t-shirts and accessories can be found. It also acts as a gallery space showcasing art and exhibitions by local artists.

There was tons of Gama-Go gear up here. I also saw some Gloomy Bear and 12 Grain shirts.

This Gama-Go tote was on sale for $35.oo!

Current art on display by Christopher Lee

I managed to walk away with some pretty sweet swag . . .

I bought a Lala Blythe keychain (which I plan to convert into a necklace), Tokidoki Moofia toy, Minnie Mouse keychain, and two Fortune Pork mini plushes by Tado. Orginally, I just bought one (got the orange one which says "I LOVE YOUR FRISKY HEAT" on the back), but I liked it so much and there was only one more left, so I went ahead and got it. And ya know what? It ended up being Albert, the mystery character! How sweet is that?

Double Punch is located on 1821 Powell Street 94133. It's definitely worth a visit, but if you can't make a trip to Double Punch, there's always their online store.

For more pictures of my visit to Double Punch, check out my photo gallery.

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Anonymous said...

The have some very cool stuff looks like, Plus i see TokiDoki and thats my favorite !