Monday, June 18, 2007

Video of Kurt Halsey at work, sketching my portrait!

Previously, I wrote an article about the June 2nd Kurt Halsey Frederiksen meet and greet for his solo art show "A Subtle Existence..." at Gallery 1988. In addition I have a video of Kurt at work drawing the sketch of yours truly!

Note the unique way he holds his pencil. In the video I didn't want to interview him too much as to not disturb him working but I asked him if he considered attending the San Diego Comic Con (he wasn't) and how amazed I was by the sight of watching my favorite artist make a rendition of me (very amazed). Overall Kurt's high caliber of talent and friendliness was a pleasure to witness in person. Enjoy!

The end result:

Here's a couple of 35mm photos from the experience:

I'm still an elated individual from this whole thing. 'Til the next artist endeavor!

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Nina said...

I want Kurt to make a sketch of me! I'm jealous :P