Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Milk and Sushi...?

Awhile back, I wrote about The Original Sushi Pillow - a fun way of mixing food with art. A few weeks ago, I came across another neat treat with Suedy's Koo-ki Sushi: A Unique Cookie Confection. Don't let their appearance fool you... this isn't your typical sushi. Koo-ki Sushi combines a crisp rice cookie and tops it with fine chocolate in the shape of some of your sushi favorites.

Karen "Suedy" Sasaki came up with the idea after seeing an ad for a national cookie competition. One day, as she was pressing a sticky cookie mixture into a pan, she remembered making sushi with her grandmother and came up with the idea for a cookie that looked like sushi. Enlisting the help of her sister, Janice Murai, the two decided not to enter the competition and worked on perfecting their sushi cookie technique for the next year.
(sushi tray of great white sushi, tako-nut, berry maguro, apricot row)
In 1995, the two sisters opened up shop, selling their creative cookies by special order and Koo-ki Sushi has since grown into a small family business. Give 'em a try by visiting their store in San Jose, CA, or by web/phone order. Here are some of the items on the menu:
(Fruit-o-Maki, Great White Sushi, Mau'i Maki)

So what are you waiting for?! Order yours today!

Until next time dorks...

Itadakimasu... again!

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