Saturday, November 29, 2008

Luke Feldman: ONE Night Only @ Rotofugi & then some

[Photo courtesy of Luke Feldman/Skaffs]

Our boy Luke Feldman is going to be having a one night only gig in Chicago at Rotofugi on Wed. Dec. 10. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by and watch Luke do his thing. I've witnessed it briefly at Wondercon and it's pretty friggin' amazing (see)!

Can't make it? Me too, but no worries. Luke's got other things up his sleeves to keep the rest of us entertained. 

Recently he's created a piece based on Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are." This is available at Culver City's Wonderful World of Animation Art Gallery for $400 -- clearly, for those who are collectors with beaucoup bucks to spare. 

*sigh* Must be nice.

Where the Wild Things Are
[Photo courtesy of Luke Feldman/Skaffs]

Now for something on the affordable side. The lovely Ester is now immortalized on her own skate deck. Pick one up for $65 at Pop Art Skate Boards. See, $65 isn't that scary. Right? Mmm hmm.

Ester Deck
[Photo courtesy of Luke Feldman/Skaffs]

Christmas is around the corner and this totally matches my room .  .  . hint. Mom, are you reading this? =)

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I wish I could skateboard so I get a super cool board.