Wednesday, July 23, 2008


In regards to those Kill Audio figures that I reported on earlier, a message from Coheed and Cambria:

Due to some serious problems at our production facility in Hong Kong, we did not recieve anything like the shipment we had worked so hard to have for you at Comic Con. We only received a small portion of the dolls we were promised and those came in plain white boxes. Furthermore, some of the boxes were damaged and the dolls were not up to the quality standards that we feel you deserve.

We are going to try to make the best of it. - we rescued 35 of the little bastards - they are the Gold version - we will likely not make any more of these, and since there is no art on the box, Claudio and artist Sheldon Vella will be at the con to hand decorate and sign the box.

We are heartbroken and disappointed that this happened, and we hope if you don't manage to get one one now, you'll follow our announcements and get a "proper" doll once they are available.

So here's what we're doing -

First run "Kill Audio Gold doll" - All sales final, no returns. As we said, we have done our absolute best to not sell any dolls with imperfections, but if you happen to find some minor ones on these dolls, you will have to find those endearing. These will be very rare and we wanted to at least have something for those of you who really really want one RIGHT NOW.

The dolls will be $75 each, due to all the hell we've gone through and the fact that we had to reject a quantity and eat costs.

Here's how the 35 dolls will be made available at Comic Con - at the IMAGE COMICS BOOTH #2729

Thursday July 24th - 10am - 10 dolls will be made available - we suggest you come early.

Friday July 25th - 10am - 10 more dolls will be made available.

Saturday July 26th - 10am -15 dolls will be made available.

and that's it.

Claudio and Sheldon will be on hand early to get creative on the boxes if you want them to. They will be there to sign the purchased dolls ONLY - no signings of comic books or other items will take place outside of the scheduled signing times.

Please accept our apologies that we won't have more KA dolls available and we hope to have updated info for you soon.

Here is what else we will have in stock at Comic Con, Image Comics booth #2729.

The Amory Wars Tshirt - NEW! - $15

The Amory Wars Comics:

Volume 1
Issue 1 - Variant - $10-15 (while they last)
Issue 1 - color not available
Issue 2 - color and b/w - $15 (while they last - we are down to less than 100 of each in stock and they are not available online or in stores)
Issue 3-5 $4

Volume 2
Issue 1, 2 - $4

The Amory Wars Trade Paperback - $15
The Amory Wars Sketchbook - $10
Good Apollo Graphic Novel - $20

The Second Stage Turbine Books are not available.

Official Claudio Sanchez signing times:

Thursday 3-4PM
Saturday 2-3PM / 5-6PM
Sunday 12-1PM

Get 'em quick, boys and girls. Once you do... Run, lock your door. They're coming for you...

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