Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hey Olivia!

Everyone's favorite G4 vixen Olivia Munn is started a weblog especially for ComicCon! From her new website, the host of Attack of the Show will be posting up some video blogs of all the G4 coverage and behind-the-scenes goodness from the 'Con. However, so far as of this writing there's just a couple of videos of her in her hotel room decked out in a robe and flossing (not that's a bad thing of course) talking about getting ready for the show, watching "The Sandlot" all night and her '1337 texting skillz'. Awesome.

I WONDER what the newly-single* gaming/internet goddess will dress up as this year?

*I'll see you (and her) at the G4/StrangeCo and the SuperHero parties later tonight!

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Nguyen Duong said...

full report and pictures of the parties, tomorrow please?