Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's Comic Con time, yo

Okay, the ultimate pop culture mash up fest is still a little over a month away, but Kid Robot recently released what exclusive goodies they'll have in store including a schedule of artists signings. Behold . . .

July 24 & 25:

What could these two have possibly come up with??? Perhaps a Dunny or a Labbit from Kozik? After last year's awesome Super Teeter (which I almost bought, but didn't and now regret deeply), JLed is bound to bring in the goods. I'll definitely be in line for that! Get to the Kid Robot booth from 11-2 pm for a signing Thursday and Friday by both Kozik and Ledbetter.

July 26:

Paul Pope's Masked Karimbah is taken straight from the pages of his THB comic and into vinyl form. The Masked Karimbah is a two-figure action piece and is also Pope's very first Kid Robot toy -- it'll include a 16 page comic and secret vinyl throw in. This is limited to 300 pieces and are $150 a pop. Pope will be there from 1-4 pm for a special signing. Woo!

July 27:

Tokidoki, an Okee Dorkee fave (if you haven't noticed), is coming out with a 8" pizza lovin'-fang grinnin'- Dunny! From previous Con experience, you better get to the booth early if you want to get your hands on this (or just want Simone to sign some other Tokidoki knick knack). Since his Lesportsac stint, the Tokidoki line has gotten overly popular and spawned many a fan. Last year, the Tokidoki booth was packed, let alone his other signings -- Simone's just driving everyone crazy with his kawaii creations! The KR signing is from 11 am -2 pm -- be there at 8 am.

Start stuffing your piggy banks, folks. 

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