Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cameron Tiede's Cali Weekend

Whether you're reppin norCal or the SoCal, Cameron Tiede will be your super cool, friendly neighbor this weekend. Unlike your other friendly neighbors, there will be no trolley or cardigan in this episode. Instead he's got a sick subway and stylish melvin.

[Cameron Tiede's "Unlucky Seven." photo courtesy of Cameron Tiede.]

This Friday in Santa Cruz, he (and other artists too) will be showcasing his custom All City Style Blank NYC Subway Car for Cardboard Spaceship's show, Derailed. They got a great lineup of artists. The opening reception will be this friday and the show will run until may 31.

[Cameron Tiede's Melvin. photo courtesy of Cameron Tiede.]

In fabulous Pasadena, Cameron will be giving you a Melvin at the VTN show this Sunday who also has a great lineup of artists. More info on Melvin coming this week on Cameron's blog.

Thanks again to Cameron Tiede for keeping us in the know!

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