Monday, January 7, 2008

The Nature of...Dopeness.

["One Inch Punch Limited Edition Tape" : a masterpiece by Sharon Dang ]

The opening reception of "The Nature of Water: An Art Exhibition inspired by the Philosophies of Bruce Lee" at Nucleus was dope! Seriously one of the best shows...dope art and madd entertainment. MURSE1 and I will cover different aspects of the show throughout the week...from the Bruce Lee impersonation contest (wowzers!) to the supa dupa star we saw. Got stalker-razzi on him. Hey, anything for you ;)

Enjoy the above teaser pic of Sharon Dang's "One Inch Punch Limited Edition Tape." Totally loved the concept that i got a roll for myself -- one of, or more like, the most fun piece of art i've ever owned. (ok, i know, i said the "d" word too many time on this post, but really, i can't gush enough about this show....promise, the reads about this show will be f.u.n. --- stay tuned!)

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